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Western Australia

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Australia - Western Australia
Population unknown


Western Australia (West Australia, abbreviated as: WA) is located in the western part of Australia, bordering the Indian Ocean and covering the whole of Western Europe, accounting for 1 / 3 of Australia's total area. It is the largest state in Australia and its capital city is Perth..

Western Australia is rich in deserts and salt lakes, sparsely populated and rich in minerals, and remains pristine in the natural scenery and ecological environment of. Western Australia, one of Australia's richest states. It is one of Australia's most pristine natural landscapes and has the best taste of Australia, with (Purnululu National Park), the Honolulu National Park. Shark Bay (Shark Bay) and Nighgro Coast (Ningaloo Coast), three UNESCO-accredited World Natural Heritage sites, and New South Wales are among the largest in Australia.

The coastline of Western Australia, 12500 kilometers from north to south, is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean. The economy is dominated by agriculture, animal husbandry and industry, and sheep farming is flourishing. Industry to machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, petroleum refining, food and wood processing and so on.


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