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Tully River

Tully River, Koombooloomba QLD 4872, Australia

Introduction of Tully River

Tully River is a river in the far north of Queensland in (Far North Queensland) Cadwell range (Cardwell Range), 133km long, partly through the Tarly Canyon National Park, (Tully Gorge National Park), Eventually through Cape Tahrir (Tully Head) into the Coral Sea (Coral Sea), the whole river down to 800m.

Tully River is known for its intense commercial rafting (known as: Tully River White Water Drift White Water Rafting Tully River), Cairns's largest adventure travel company: Thunder Adventure (Raging Thunder Adventures) has been organising Tully River rafting since 1984.

The drifting segment is located upstream of Tully River, within the Tarly Canyon National Park (Tully Gorge National Park), about 500 to 1000 meters above sea level, and is suitable for drifting all year round because it is the most heavily dewatering place in Australia and is equipped with hydropower stations upstream.

Both sides of the Tully River drifting river are rich and rare animal and plant resources, and the river course falls greatly. There are nearly 30 large falls throughout the course, with an average of 10 minutes, so that tourists are kept in a very high degree of stimulating experience all the time. So more suitable for drifting in the middle, senior players, the stimulus index is higher. The full trip takes about five hours, plus travel time for a day. Tully River rafting is also known as Australia's best commercial drifting event, and the 2019 World Drift Championships will be held here. So Tully River rafting can be said to be the top-of-the-line drifting game that non-professional players can play.

Thunder Adventure stores in downtown Cairns (address: 59 / 63 Esplanade, Cairns City QLD 4870, Tel: 61 7 4030 7990) can sign up for the Tully River rafting program or book on its official website (


  • Keynesian departure (including shuttle): $199 per person
  • Mishen Beach (Mission Beach) (included): $169 per person


  • Minimum age of participation: 13 years;
  • Not suitable for pregnant women;
  • The rafting takes a full day, and the organizers will provide the riverbank barbecue lunch (included in the fee);
  • In addition to Tully River rafting, you can also choose the less difficult Baron River (Barron River) rafting, also run by Thunder Adventures.
Australia - Queensland
Attraction - Natural
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