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Mission Beach is a coastal town on the northeast coast of Queensland, about 140km north from Cairns and 235km south from (Townsville), Queensland's fourth largest city.

Mission Beach is a leisurely resort town with a daily resident population of less than 1000, but during the peak tourist season, the town's population will multiply, the town's business facilities are complete, a variety of premium restaurants, coffee shops, art corridors and boutiques, most of which are located on both sides of the main streets of (Porter Promenade). Mission Beach has a beautiful view of beaches and rainforests, with more than 14 kilometers of amazing golden beaches.

Mission Beach is one of the (Great Barrier Reef) portals to the Great Barrier Reef and an excellent stronghold for nearby islands such as (Bedarra Island), (Dunk Island), Berdara, and (Hinchinbrook Island), Hin Chin Brook. Mission Beach is also home to many wild animals, the most prominent of which is endangered turkey. The large, flightless bird can be seen in the rainforest around the town.

Mission Beach is also one of Australia's best beach jump destinations.

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  • Addr: 53 Porter Promenade, Mission Beach QLD 4852
  • Tel: (07) 4068 7099
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