Scenic Rim Regional

Name: Scenic Rim Regional

Loc: Australia - Queensland
Kind: Area
Rating: 8.0 / 10
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Addr: Scenic Rim, QLD, Australia

Introduction of Scenic Rim Regional

(Scenic Rim Regional (Scenic Rim,) located 80 km southwest of Brisbane, is an important natural landscape belt in Queensland and even Australia, including six national parks: Rimington National Park (Lamington National Park), Tamberlin National Park (Tamborine Mountain National Park), Barney Mountain National Park (Mt Barney National Park), Grand Watershed National Park (Main Range National Park), Mgra National Park (Moogerah Peaks National Park), and Qingji Mountain National Park (Mt Chinghee National Park). Among these national parks are Mount Tamberin and Mount Barney, overlooking the steep natural landscape, the picturesque and poetic (Lake Moogerah), of Lake Mgra and the Firefly Cave tour of Rimington National Park in the summer night. Reilly Glowworm Tour), is a magnificent spectacle that cannot be missed. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery, travelers can also experience hot-air balloons, gliders, horse riding, water sports and other activities.

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