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Big Bus Darwin

Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Introduction of Big Bus Darwin

Sydney follow-up sightseeing bus (Big Bus Sydney Booking Centre) is a tourist-focused bus route operating in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory.

Sydney follow-up sightseeing bus offers (Morning Tour, red) and (Afternoon Tour, blue (Meridian), providing almost convenient access to any of the famous attractions in the Darwin urban area. Passengers only need to hold a valid ticket, you can go up and down at any station, very convenient.

Site details:

  • The morning line is the same as the afternoon line, All are: visitor Center (Tourist Information Centre)-> Crocodile Canyon theme Park (Crocosaurus Cove)-> Fish feeding Park (Aquascene)-> Cullen Bay Wharf (Cullen Bay Jetty)-> Cullen Bay Apartments (Cullen Bay Apartments)-> Casino (Casino), George Brown Darwin Botanical Garden (George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens)-> Northern Territory Museum and Museum of Art (Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory)-> Paro (Parap)-> Stokes Hill Wharf (Stokes Hill Wharf)-> Waterfront (Waterfront Precinct)-> Hillberg wharf (Fort Hill Wharf)

Route Map download:

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Operational time:

  • Meridian: from the tourist center (Tourist Information Centre) as the starting station, 9:00 the first flight, 11:00 the last flight, 60 minutes interval, the whole journey about 60 minutes;
  • Meridian: from the tourist center (Tourist Information Centre) as the starting station, 12:00 the first flight, 15:00 the last flight, 45 minutes interval, the whole journey is about 90 minutes.

Ticket purchase method:

  • Can be purchased online on the official website, there is a certain discount;

the price of a ticket

  • 24-hour valid ticket: adult: $36.6, children (5-15 years old): $22.5, family (2-2 small): $110
  • 48-hour valid ticket: adult: $54, child (5-15 years old): $36, family (2-2 small): $170
Australia - Northern Territory
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