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Wyndham is located in the eastern Kimberley region of north-east Western Australia, (East Kimberley Region), is about 3220 km from the Western Australian capital Perth and 930km from the Northern Territory capital Darwin, located on the Great North Expressway (Great Northern Highway).

Wyndham, a very small town with a permanent population of less than 1000 people and the oldest town in the Kimberley area, was built in 1886 and attracted gold divers from the discovery of a gold mine in (Halls Creek), Horse Creek. Like Derby (Derby) in the Kimberley area, Wyndham was hit by Japanese airstrikes during World War II. The giant crocodile statue, 20 meters long and 3 meters high at the entrance to the town, is a symbol of Wyndham.

Overlooking the Wyndham, River (King River) bends like a snake, the snake's body stretches out a lot of "antennae", those are countless tributaries of the king's rivers, and it's as if the river had torn the earth apart. Both sides of the river are covered with lush plants, like green edges, and beyond the river are vast beaches.

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