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The Nain is located in Western Australia, about 500 kilometers south from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and about 90 kilometers from Gerald (Geraldton), a major western coast town of Western Australia.

Nain is the "capital" of (Principalityof Hutt River), the Principality of the Hutt River, a tiny "country" with a history of more than 40 years. On April 21, 1970, farmer Leonard Kessler (Leonard Casley) tried to avoid bankruptcy and excessive taxes. A loophole was found in the statute, citing section 1495 of the British treason Act, arguing that the actions of the Western Australian state government had in fact forced him to become independent. Subsequently, the Kessler family and several of his followers announced their separation from the Commonwealth of Australia to establish the Principality of Hutt River Province and Kessler as king. At present, China, which covers an area of about 75 square kilometers, claims that its independence has been confirmed in an internal letter from the Australian Land Office in 1989. But Australia and any other country in the world have never officially recognized the existence of the country.

Australia's official interpretation of the Principality is that it is nothing more than a commercial hype of personal behaviour, showing several of the region's distinctive tourist attractions on the official Australian tourist chart and mentioning that the Principality has declared independence. The Duchy of the Hutt River is well known among Australians about its self-proclaimed independence.

Although this is a country, but in fact, there are less than a hundred permanent residents, and often not at home. The Principality's main revenue comes from wild flowers, agricultural products, stamps and coins. Tourism is also a major source of income, with more than 40,000 visitors visiting here every year. The Principality is in circulation of the Hutt dollar, and the exchange rate with the Australian dollar is one to one. The Principality also has a peculiar rule that it accepts the currencies of the world's major countries, but does not accept any form of credit card payments, and that cash must be used for shopping and consumption in the Principality. The residents here have their own passports, currencies, postmarks and national flags. Although they do not want visas and passports here, they can still put an entry seal on your passport. When they do not come here, they must bring full equipment. Because there are not many places to shop here.


On Feb. 13, 2019, the founder of the Principality of the Hutt River, King Leonard Kessler, died of illness in Gerald's hospital at the age of 93.

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