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Lancelin is a coastal town on the western coast of Western Australia, about 130km by car from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, with a resident population of about 600people.

Lancelin is a holiday town dominated by tourism and fishing, known for its sand dunes, where the seaside has the largest dunes in Western Australia, and the rolling dunes make people think they have come to the desert, and the town itself is affected by the desert climate. It's not like other Australian coastal towns, but it's a desert hinterland.

The mini-town of Lancelin also prides itself on hosting Australia's largest sail-skating event, attracting professionals from all over the world every summer. The rest of the time, with reefs and archipelago protected gulf waters, creates an ideal environment for a variety of activities, ranging from swimming and diving to fishing, boating and sailing through waves.

Main attraction points:

  • The Lancelin Bund (Back Beach Lancelin), located in the south of the town, is a resort for surfing and other water sports, and can drive a four-wheel-drive to the beach, which is popular with locals.
  • Lancelin dunes (Lancelin Sand Dunes) is located in the north of town, is a good place to slide sand, the sand is as white sugar, tourists can drive directly outside the dunes, people walk in, sand dunes about 10 meters high, sit on the sand skateboard leaps down, very exciting.

Visitor centre of Lancelin

  • Addr: 102 Gingin Rd, Lancelin WA 6044
  • Tel: (08) 9655 1100
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