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Huskisson is a coastal town in the (Jervis Bay) area of Javier Bay, New South Wales, about 185 kilometers north from downtown Sydney, with a permanent population of about 800 people.

Jevis Bay is part of the Shawesheven region of (The City of Shoalhaven), Huskisson is located at the heart of Javier Bay, has a traditional Australian customs, is the entire Javier Bay tourist center (Visitor Centre) location, It is also the main starting point for cruises and scuba diving in Javier Bay. The commercial facilities are complete, the scenery is beautiful, the life is leisurely, and most travelers to Jevis Bay will choose to live there. Rich tourist resources on the coast, sea and inland allow you to play with a variety of content, from outdoor hiking, bicycles, aboriginal culture, camping, viewing platforms, nautical relics, and so on. There are long-standing dolphin cruises in the bay, as well as kangaroo, sand kangaroo, ecigna, kangaroo, koala and other rare beasts. At the same time, Huskisson is one of the best whale migratory sites in Australia, humpback whales and ridge whales are often seen between June and November each year.

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