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Edithburgh is a small town on the east coast of (Yorke Peninsula) on the Yorkshire Peninsula west of Adelaide, just 50 kilometers from (St Vincent Gulf), St. Vincent's Bay, just 50 kilometers from Adelaide, but a northbound detour if you take a land route. It takes about 228 kilometers by car. Edithburgh, with a population of about 500 people, is a popular resort for locals. Fishing, snorkeling, sailing, swimming and diving are the traditional characteristics of the town.

  • The island of (Troubridge Island), 8 km east of Edithburgh, is an uninhabited sandy island and a haven for wild birds, allowing visitors to visit or spend the night on the island with permission;
  • In the town of Edithburgh, the trestle (Jetty) is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, with clear water quality, suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. In the water, there is a chance to see a variety of other marine life, including the big belly seahorse, Jackson sharks, sea dragons, and cuttlefish. And colorful corals, etc.;
  • The Edithburgh RV camp in the town of Edithburgh, (Edithburgh Caravan Park), is one of the largest and most scenic RV camps in the Yorker Peninsula, with two separate cabins and RV spaces for two to six people;
  • About 5 km southwest of Edithburgh, Wattle Point Wind Farm is Australia's largest wind farm, with 55 giant windmills on a 17.5-square-kilometre coastline. Although not allowed to visit inside, but looking up at the outside of these huge guys is also very spectacular, especially in the sunrise of the sun;
  • Located on the east beach of Edithburgh, Edithburgh Tidal Pool is a coastal swimming pool that brings seawater directly into the pool, which is common in Australia, close to nature and much safer than swimming directly in the sea.
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