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Denmark is a small town on the southern coast of Western Australia with a permanent population of about 2300, about 420km by car from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. This small town of the same name as one of the Nordic countries (Denmark in Nordic countries is Danmark) is a popular resort in Western Australia, famous for its forests and gulfs, and has charming pastoral customs. Rich in rural sentiment, during the peak tourist season, the population may soar to several times as many as the resident population.

The Denmark River (Danmark River) is a tourism-based town with wine-making, fishing, timber and animal husbandry. The motto of the town is "in the forest and the sea." The white man who first explored the area was Thomas Wilson, Bradwood (Thomas Braidwood Wilson), who led his local Noongar soil, known as Mocell (Mokare),. Thomas later named the river Denmark River (Denmark River), after his British physician colleague Alexander Denmark (Alexander Denmark).

Denmark has a vast range of grasslands, farms, grape racks, calm and rich field scenery, constantly changing scenes, dazzling, beautiful. The leisurely look here seems to be a kind of attitude towards life, although it is mainly about sightseeing, but the convenience here is beyond imagination. On the side of the wall of the coffee shop around the corner, you can pick up a brochure on the road with you. In addition to a simple and clear map, The history of the town is also quite clear.

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  • Addr: 73 S Coast Hwy, Denmark WA 6333
  • Tel: (08) 9848 2055
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