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Ardrossan is a small town on the east coast of (Yorke Peninsula), South Australia's Yorker Peninsula, about 145km by car from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, with a permanent population of about 1200 people.

Like other small towns on the Yorkshire Peninsula, tourism accounts for an increasing share of the Ardrossan economy, with more and more Adelaide residents using Ardrossan as a holiday destination. Although Ardrossan lacks an attractive swimming beach, it is a very popular place to catch fish and crabs. Since Ardrossan has a long shoal, a large number of crabs live here, from September to April each year. Here you can easily catch a lot of unique Australian blue crabs, a large meat fresh, steamed excellent.

Additional attraction points:

  • Ardrossan's two docks are suitable for scuba diving;
  • The Ardrossan Lookout on Yorke Hwy is the perfect location for condescending views of the surrounding landscape.
  • The Zanoni shipwreck (Zanoni Shipwreck), about 15 kilometers south-east of Ardrossan, is one of Australia's best-preserved shipwrecks, and qualified divers can visit the story-telling wreck underwater after being authorized to do so.
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