Do you want to figure out what Qixi Festival is going to do? Steamed buns make an inventory of the good places to go to Qixi Festival in Melbourne, and best friends are also applicable.

[Free Tour]     2019-08-06
I`ll be here on August 7. It`s the year`s New Year`s Eve of 2019. The little steamed stuffed buns counted some of the traveling Ideas. No matter if yo...

I`ll be here on August 7. It`s the year`s New Year`s Eve of 2019. The little steamed stuffed buns counted some of the traveling Ideas. No matter if you are a couple, or a couple to be or a boudoir, you can refer to, people, happy most important!

SkyHigh Peak Night View Star Rive 

Traffic: Self-driving

Lenovo: La La Land, the City of Love

The SkyHigh viewing platform is in the highest peak of the Denton non-range. The journey to the peak is picturesque and the top of the peak is beyond the limits of the beauty of the city and surrounding areas.

When you go up the mountain in the evening, you can see the warm purple Melbourne skyline on good weather. If it is night, because it is a distance from the city center, it is also the best place to watch the Star River on the outskirts of Melbourne.

I`ve always been addicted to the story of the hero of the city of love, and the mind is constantly wandering the scene of Seb, pretending to be long, with Mia looking for a car along the mountain road in the evening, and in the day of the cold and warm hue, the two people sing, It`s like the moment it`s the most classic and the most exciting moment in the city of love. A lover is not full but a little ambiguous, is not the most beautiful appearance of love?

Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel 


Ferris wheel, these three words are like brushing honey, symbolizing sweetness and romance. The only giant Ferris wheel in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne Star, takes you straight to 120 meters to a breathtaking view of the city, listening to the intimate explanation inside the Ferris wheel and learning more about Melbourne`s stories. When you reach the commanding heights, a 360-degree panoramic view of the city unfolds in front of you, and take a selfie with her / him / best friend you like!

Eureka 88 Building Eureka 88 


The Eureka Tower in Melbourne has the highest viewing table in the Southern Hemisphere, where the amazing, exciting landscape is not comparable to any previous experience. Two dedicated elevators can send tourists to the 88th floor of the building in less than 40 seconds, and only on the 88th floor viewing platform can experience what is``marginal zone"-a mobile glass cube that is slowly pushed out of the building, and you are there when it is suspended in the air!

Melbourne Aquarium 


The most recent of the most fire is the July boyfriend _ Li, and with the love of the "TV series", the Korean business and the world of the world in Sanya will have a certain impression.

The ocean world is also a romantic pronoun! Melbourne Aquarium is a non-missing tourist attraction to Melbourne. The aquarium has four wonderful water worlds waiting for tourists to find and enjoy, the magical journey begins with the "ice and snow in antarctica" `s penguins, to the marine little creatures of the River to Reef. It`s also to look at the Wird & Wonderfaul and the amazing Southern Ocean to face to the larger marine fish.

I wish Qixi Festival happiness and a lover will eventually get married.

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