How do I go to Sydney with only one day? One-day tour of Sydney's most classic landmark

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One day, play the most classic Sydney.Sydney is Australia`s largest city, with landmarks Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, full of fashion elemen...

One day, play the most classic Sydney.

Sydney is Australia`s largest city, with landmarks Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, full of fashion elements, but also has a unique historical imprint.

Photo: downtown Sydney. By Minmin Didi

The following is an integration of Sydney`s one-day tour. The scenic spots in this paper are representative and close to each other, and most of the destinations can be reached on foot. If visitors stay in Sydney for only one day, this article hopes to help tourists experience the most classic Sydney in the shortest possible time.

This introduction is in accordance with the recommended play time order of each scenic spot. The tour time during the itinerary is for reference only, and visitors can flexibly arrange and adjust according to their personal travel plans.

Photo: one day parade program within the main scenic spots and tour sequence. By Horse Honeycomb Strategy editorial Department

Recommended route for one-day tou

The first stop at 9:00: the Opera House Harbour Bridge signs in. 

Photo: Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. By Wang Yan

Avoid crowded tourists in the morning and take a look at the quiet Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Visitors can walk around the opera house and take a closer look at the strangely styled landmark, as well as a panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House from high on the harbour bridge not far away. On the way from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge, the famous circular wharf is passed, and sometimes tourists can see yachts, large and small, parked here.

Photo: opera House to Harbour Bridge, about 20 minutes` walk. By Horse Honeycomb Strategy editorial Department

10:00 second stop: stroll in the rock area 

Photo: streets in rock areas. By strawberry eyes

The rock area is close to the Harbour Bridge, and visitors are free to enter small galleries, museums, thrift shops and brand stores of independent designers on both sides of the street. It is interesting to hear the shopkeeper tell the story of the shop or buy his favorite little object.

The rock area is not only fun, but also delicious. Lunch might as well be solved here, where all kinds of meals and desserts, such as Italian, French and Australian specialties, can also be found.

Photo: Port Bridge to the center of the rock area, about 3 minutes` walk. By Horse Honeycomb Strategy editorial Department

Recommended by Rock area Restaurant

Appetito Pizza Pasta Bar: `s traditional Italian charcoal baked pizza is described by diners as a "passport-free trip to Italy."

Pancakes on the Rocks: Sydney famous online celebrity restaurant, not only has super large hamburger steak, signature ice cream pancakes exquisite and delicious, but also has great temptation power.

The third stop at 13:00: the Royal Botanical Garden looks at flowers and plants 

Photo: Royal Botanical Garden. By mountain view tou

You can come to the Royal Botanical Garden in the afternoon. The botanical garden is open to the outside world free of charge, with a wide variety of plants from all over the world, and crisscrossed walkways are places where tourists are intoxicated and willing to take pictures. Tired, find a lawn to sit down at will, look at the runners in front of you, the dog walkers, or the office workers who are taking a nap at noon, or sit in the stone chair of Mrs. Macaulay, known as the "best scenic spot for the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge," and look back at the two landmarks.

Photo: rock area to Royal Botanical Garden, walking for about 7 minutes. By Horse Honeycomb Strategy editorial Department

15:00 4 stop: Queen Victoria Building to buy 

Photo: Queen Victoria Building. By is still in the middle of the night.

Come to Queen Victoria Building "shopping" also can not be missed. Of course, even if tourists don`t have plans to shop, they can visit here. There are not only a wide variety of fashion brands, full of Victorian style architectural interior decoration, but also pleasing to the eye.

From the Royal Botanical Garden to Queen Victoria Building, in addition to a 20-minute walk, it is also accessible by the local double-decker city of train.

Photo: Royal Botanical Garden, walk 5 minutes to Circular Quay train station, take T2 train (Revesby via Airport) to Town Hall train station (about 4 minutes drive), walk about 4 minutes to Queen Victoria Building. By Horse Honeycomb Strategy editorial Department

The 5 th stop: Darling Harbour. 

Photo: Darling Port Night View. By Chen silently and Summe

In the evening, you can go directly from Queen Victoria to Daring Port, and walk for only 10 minutes. It has the most magnificent night view in Sydney, and there are many flavor food from all over the world. Find a restaurant here, enjoy a meal and enjoy the light of Daring Port, and treat yourself so full of the day.

Photo: Queen Victoria Building to Darling Port, about 10 minutes` walk. By Horse Honeycomb Strategy editorial Department

Darling Port Food recommendation

The Malaya: comes from Malaysia`s hot Nanyang flavor, with an excellent view of the harbor scenery.

Blue Fish: `s most authentic Australian seafood meal, can be paid by UnionPay.


Sydney`s popular attractions are more than that. Other popular attractions, such as the New South Wales Art Museum, Bundy Beach, Blue Mountain and so on, are worth visiting. But if tourists come to Sydney for the first time and stay here for only one day, the most representative scenic spots selected by this one-day tour will present a classic impression of Sydney from different angles.

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