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Perth, known as the "loneliest city" in the world, is the fourth largest city in Australia and the place to beat Melbourne to become the most livable ...

Perth, known as the "loneliest city" in the world, is the fourth largest city in Australia and the place to beat Melbourne to become the most livable city in the world in 2018. Perth is in the same time zone as Beijing, that is to say, there is no jet lag with China! There are more sunny days than other Australian capital cities, with no hustle and bustle of large cities on the east coast. It is not only suitable for tourism, but also suitable for living for a while to slowly experience and appreciate its beauty.

Perth combines modern culture, classical architecture, natural landscape and island customs. You can have a cup of coffee at Petition Kitchen in Perth City Hall, a century-old building, and then take a walk in the lush King`s Park (Kings Park); wander back to museums and museum blocks; go to the winding port street of nearby Fremantel (Fremantle) to explore local culture, and then board a cruise ship to (Rottnest Island), a global Internet celebrity, who is also home to the global Internet celebrity smile kangaroo! So many places to go, only with two feet to walk must not finish ~ then we in the spirit of free travel, to make good use of the local developed and convenient bus system to achieve our travel aspirations!

Because of the length of the relationship, my essay will mainly introduce the travel-related routes, including the CAT free transportation system and the train bus system, and other public transport services are mainly local accommodation, so I`m not included in this attack.

Free transportation in Perth city CAT-cat bus 

There are four free bus routes in downtown Perth, distinguished by red / blue / green / yellow names (please note that the car body itself does not appear in these four colors), because the Central Area Transit (central area traffic connection is the same word as CAT, and cat Cat, so locals affectionately call it cat bus, or cat car. The average cat bus has a cat pattern on it, or a CAT car on the screen in front of the car (see figure below).


Color does not represent the route, such as red cat line does not mean the body is red.

Blue Cat bus (front shows Blue CAT)

So where will these four cat lines pass? When do they operate and how often do they operate?

Red cat Red CAT

Brief introduction of route

From Queen`s Garden (Queens Gardens), in the East to (Outram Street) on Utrem Street in the West, from the Western Australian cricket court (WACA), it connects the King Park (Kings Park), Perth Center for Contemporary Art (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts), Perth Mint (The Perth Mint), Perth Santamaria Cathedral (St Mary') S Cathedral Perth), London Street (London Court), Horizon Island (Herrison Island) and other attractions, if you play downtown, you can choose it as a walking tool!

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Specific site table

Operating time

  • Monday to Thursday 6.00am-6.45pm-every 5 minutes
  • Friday 6.00am-8.00pm-every 15 minutes
  • Saturday-Sunday 8.30am-6.00pm-every 10 minutes
  • Public holidays on the same weekend

Green cat Green CAT

Brief introduction of route

The new route from Elizabeth wharf (Elizabeth Quay) to Teville station (Leederville) is only from Monday to Friday, leaving from Elizabeth wharf bus stop (Elizabeth Quay Bus Station), 15 minutes on weekdays and 8 minutes at rush hour; connecting attractions: King Park (Kings Park), Perth Bell Tower (The Bell Tower), Port Brand OUTLETS Shopping Center (Watertown Brand Outlet Centre), etc.

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Specific site table

Operating time

  • Monday to Friday 6.00am-6.40pm-every 5 minutes
  • Public leave days and weekends are not open

Blue cat Blue CAT

Brief introduction of route

From Elizabeth wharf (Elizabeth Quay) to the north bridge (Northbridge) north-south ring line, from Elizabeth wharf bus stop (Elizabeth Quay Bus Station), 15 minutes a day, 8 minutes rush hour; connecting attractions: Elizabeth wharf (Elizabeth Quay), Perth clock Tower (The Bell Tower), Supreme Court Garden (Supreme Court Gardens), Western Australia State Museum (Western Australian Museum-Perth), London Street (London Court) and so on.

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Specific site table

Operating time

  • Monday to Thursday 6.00am-6.52pm-every 5 minutes
  • Friday 6.00am-6.52pm-every 15 minutes
  • Saturday 8.36am-11.51pm-every 5 minutes
  • Public Holiday Day and weekend 8.36am-6.26pm-15 minutes shift every 5 minutes

Yellow cat Yellow CAT

Brief introduction of route

From the east side via Wellington street (Wellington Street) to the west side east-west roundabout, from Clysbrook station (Claisebrook Station), 15 minutes on weekdays, 8 minutes at rush hour; connecting attractions: Perth contemporary art center (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts), seaport brand OUTLETS shopping center (Watertown Brand Outlet Centre), Perth city farm (Perth City Farm), etc.

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Operating time

  • Monday to Thursday 6.00am-6.30pm-every 5 minutes
  • Friday 6.00am-8.00pm-every 15 minutes
  • Saturday-Sunday 8.30am-6.00pm-every 10 minutes
  • Public holidays on the same weekend

A detailed explanation of Perth bus train related to Tourism 

Perth has five train lines, centered in downtown Perth in different directions. As tourists, more contact should be Fremante (Fremantle) and Mangera (Mandurah) these two lines, I would like to focus on how to skillfully use them.

Fremantel Fremantle

Fremantel is a very "delicious" place, with not only a long history of ports, artistic winding alleys, old prisons, boahouses, etc., but also a food market praised by locals, as well as relish seafood. Here, the pace of life is slow and leisurely, a sunny afternoon to find a restaurant and coffee shop built along the fishing boat port is the ideal place to go! A fresh seafood feast from the Indian Ocean can be tasted here.

So how can I get on the Fremantel (Fremantle) line? It leaves from Perth station in downtown Perth. So if you happen to be staying a little farther from the station downtown, you can choose to take a cat bus, or go straight to one of the many train stations in the city and transfer to Perth Station.

After arriving at Perth Station, find the platform with the word Fremantle (platform 7). Take train directly to Fremante here and get off at the last stop of (Fremantle)!

Manjella Mandurah

Mandurah, the Perth - resident`s back garden for the holiday, has a long and numerous river path that gives the town a whiff of Venice, crab hunting, lobster hunting, dolphins and a mansion with a private wharf.

The main seaside area of Magjera is gathered in the riverside area of the City Hall of Mangera, about 15 minutes` drive from the last stop of the Magjera line, Mandurah Station. So how can I get there by ride?

There are two stations in the city that can get on the bus. The first station is the underground station (Perth Underground) of Perth main Station, and the second station is the Elizabeth Quay station here in Barak Square.

After getting off at the last stop Mandurah stop, find the sign of bus 588,589 at bus stop 2. And get in the car here!

Then get off at Mandurah TceBeforeCooperStreet! It takes about 15 minutes. Of course, if you don`t know which stop to get off, ask the driver`s uncle.


You can say "I would like to get off at Mandurah Visitor Centre, could you please remind me?" to uncle driver. Australian drivers are actually very enthusiastic. If you ask for this, he will remind you to get out of the car when he arrives at the station. But of course don`t sit too far away from him, sit closer to his position!

When we get here, it`s another lakeside paradise.

In addition to the natural and human scenery, do not miss the famous lobster and blue crab cruise ship oh ~ as rich in seafood Manzela, and the crew went to sea to experience the fun of catching wild lobster or blue crab, and then watch the chef turn the fresh seafood into a delicious food for everyone to drool, eat in the beautiful scenery, enjoy Q fresh and sweet seafood dinner.

How much does Perth charge for transportation 

Urban public transport in Perth is mainly composed of buses, trains and cruise ships, all of which are operated by Transperth. Unlike the popular cities such as Melbourne Sydney, the traffic here is more humanized. It is not necessary to buy one card for the public transport system here, which is a good news for the short-term tour! Because it`s not just a card charge, but also doesn`t have to worry about unnecessary losses caused by over-charge. Of course, if you`re going to stay in Perth for a while, of course, you can consider the traffic card.

The fees are charged according to the Zone ladder in the following figure. From Zone 1 to Zone 9, I have made an interval price comparison chart for you. We can take a look at this price, which is updated after the new fiscal year on July 5, 2019.

Buy tickets on the spot

You can buy tickets at the ticket machine at subway (train) station. As shown in the figure, you can follow this step to purchase

1) choose the ticket type-if we are tourists, we can only choose Standard oh, Concession is aimed at the local elderly or children, so even if we have the elderly, we can not choose this oh!

2) choose the destination-in fact, all you need to choose is the number of Zone, you can refer to the zone map in the previous article, if you want to go to Fremante, choose Zone2, if you want to go to Mangera, choose Zone7, and so on.

3) pay-you can use a credit card or cash to pay.


All public transport will be taken again in the same toll area after one ticket purchase, and the reserved ticket will be free of charge within 2 hours.

Smart Rider card

Bus card (Smartrider) processing cost of A $10, secret can not be refunded, all train stations and buses can be recharged, buy tickets can enjoy a 15% discount; if connected to the bank account automatic recharge, you can enjoy a 25% discount! You must remember to swipe your card when you get in and out of the car, or you will calculate the cost to the finish line. However, as tourists, if we only use it twice at a time, we do not recommend spending A $10 on this card.

Tips on taking the bus 

After living in Australia for 16 years, I remember that when I first came here, I often lost a lot because I didn`t know how to take the bus.

To sum up my experience, give you a few tips on taking the bus in Australia!

1) none of the buses here will sign up for the station. There is a red button on the railing near the seat (pictured). If you need to get off at the next stop, you need to press it yourself, and then the bell rings (or a "Stop" light) means that the driver will stop and let everyone off at the next stop. This is very important, because if you do not press, the driver does not know you want to get off, will not stop. New arrival, may not know where to get off, some friends said you can use the mobile phone Google Maps, but the actual test, it has a delay. So some stations may pass the station before it shows. So the safest way is for you to get on the bus and tell the driver where you want to get off. The drivers here are actually very enthusiastic (government workers, no performance pressure, you know) they will stop when they get to the station, and then tell you that your station has arrived.

2) generally speaking, tickets purchased at one time have a service period of 2 hours, during which time they will take the bus again and show them directly without having to buy another ticket. If you are going to multiple locations on this day, you can go to the bus counter of Perth train Station to buy a Dayrider, which is a full-time ticket, A $12.80 a day, no limit to Zone.. Friends with families can also buy Familyrider, at A $12.80, which can be used by up to seven people. However, it has some limitations, as follows:

  • Weekends and public holidays-sit at any time;
  • Monday to Thursday outside the school holiday-after 6: 00 p.m.;
  • Friday outside the school holiday-after 3: 00 p.m.;
  • Monday to Friday during school holidays in districts 1 to 4-after 9: 00 in the morning;
  • Districts 5 to 9 from Monday to Friday during the school holiday-after 8:30 in the morning.
  • Where can I find out for the school holiday? Https:// attached to the website of the Education Bureau

3) be sure to pay attention to the type of tickets when buying tickets. For example, as tourists, we must buy Standard, instead of Concession. Even if there are old people in the same trade, Oh, unless the old man is the citizen here. If you buy the wrong ticket, if you find out that the ticket is checked, the consequences will be very serious.


Foreign article: take the bus "long distance bus" to Barthington trestle bridge 

Barthington trestle is also a beautiful view that many friends can`t miss when they come to Perth. In addition to self-driving, if the bus is actually OK. Because it belongs to the category of long-distance bus, so I do not explain for you in the same strategy, link in the following, directly poke!


Thank you for your patience in reading this sharing strategy! Of course, if you have any questions, I will answer for you after work oh ~ leave a message below ~ wish you have a good time in Perth free travel!

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