The town of (Geeveston), the popular TV show, is in Tazhou.

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ABC`s TV comedy Rosehaven has received a lot of attention and love. This is a story about two good friends against the backdrop of a virtual Tasmanian...

ABC`s TV comedy Rosehaven has received a lot of attention and love. This is a story about two good friends against the backdrop of a virtual Tasmanian town of "Rosehaven", which in reality is (Geeveston)., a small town in (Huon Valley), Hearn Valley, Tazhou.

The show shows the idyllic town of Tazhou, with hundred years of apple orchards, shipbuilders and apple juice manufacturers, all of which exist in real life, hiding in the rolling mountains of southern Tazhou.

Next, start with the tower from Hobart and explore the "Rosehaven" in the reality of the south!

Authentic cide 

Want to taste authentic cider and feel the charm of live music? Stop at Willie Smith's Apple Shed in Hearn Valley.

They have just won the "Best performance Award" for Apple Wine for French blend, competing for the best Nanna's apple pie in the area! On one of their walls, there is the largest apple pie in the world, which definitely opens your eyes.

Delicious supply 

There are a lot of coffee, desserts and biscuits for you to taste in southern Tazhou! In Au Bien Etre French coffee shop, you can not only taste coffee, but also enjoy massage service.

At the summer kitchen bakery (Summer Kitchen Bakery), the pie they make is an online celebrity delicacy, always sold out early at the Salamanca Market (Salamanca Market) in Hobart.

If you like sweets, don`t miss the cat tongue chocolate shop (The Cat's Tongue Chocolatiers) smooth chocolate).

Have a taste of their Pinot Noir wine at Home Hill Winery,. Just this year, Winestate magazine named it Australia`s best.

A probe into the craftsmanship of wooden ships 

If you like boats, the wooden boat center (Wooden Boat Centre) is a scenic spot you can`t miss. Here, the ancient craft of hand carving wooden boats can still be appreciated.

There`s also the smell of flying in the air, giving you the illusion of deep forest in Tazhou. Don`t look at it as a small shipyard, where many shipbuilding experts have been cultivated to make large yachts.

You can try your own simple carpentry and experience the feeling of being a craftsman.

A fresh market 

Every Saturday morning, the Giveston Farmers` Market (Geeveston Farmers Market) is full of fresh agricultural products, and Geeveston Twilight Feast is opened on the first Thursday of each month.

The market. They may be small compared to Hobart`s Salamanka market, but they have a strange feeling that gives you the smell of Tazhou land.

Forest air aisle 

Have you ever thought of walking high in the woods? Walk freely at an altitude of 50 meters like the locals in Tazhou? Then go to Tahoun air aisle (Tahune Airwalk)!

You will pass through the crown between the forests and catch a glimpse of the far Hearn River (Huon River) and the Peyton River (Picton River). It is one of several air walkways shuttling through the top of trees around the world and is the best place to overlook (Hartz Mountain) in the south.

Haz Mountain National Park 

It is a window to the vast southwest wilderness and the Tasmanian wilderness world cultural heritage area (Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area)! The landscape of (Hartz Mountains National Park), a vast Haz Mountain National Park, is formed by glaciers in the Ice Age. When you reach high ground, you will find that plants have great vitality and can grow anywhere on earth.

The park is often covered with snow, and when you step into this area, you must be amazed. The highest point here is 1254 meters above sea level and takes three to five hours to reach the top of the mountain. The majestic summit stands above you and will certainly inspire you to move on and try to climb Mount Hartz!

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