Travel, quiet town Ron, meet the softest time on ocean road

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(Lorne), the town of Ron, is Australia's favorite resort, with sunny beaches and forest waterfalls, the most relaxing resorts.

(Lorne), the town of Ron, is Australia's favorite resort, with sunny beaches and forest waterfalls, the most relaxing resorts.


In 1891, Joseph Ludead Kipling, a British writer who had not yet won the Nobel Prize in literature, came to Ron and wrote the poem "Flowers of Flowers".

The population is small, less than a thousand.

The small town is not big, but the charm is astonishing.

Every holiday, people looking forward to the holiday still come from all over the world, just to breathe the air here, take a look at the sea here, feel a moment of tranquillity here.

That's all, but it's especially rare.

Located between Loutit Bay and the Otway Ranges Forest, Ron is one of the well-known tourist towns on Oceanic Road.

Because of its unique location, Ron will have an average winter temperature of 5 degrees Celsius higher than Melbourne's and five degrees Celsius lower in summer than Melbourne, making it a favorite resort for many Australians.

In town, there are many cafes, bars and restaurants that open late into the night, serving delicious food to tired tourists who have wandered outside for a day.

Here are a lot of white-bodied yellow Ling parrots, not afraid of people, you take melon seeds, it will fly to you to eat.

The Lorne Trestle (Lorne Pier) is a famous local fishing spot. Australian fishing is free of charge, but there are limits on the size and quantity of fish.

There are special instructions on the bridge, specifying how many and small fish can be taken away, small fish must be released.

Ron's mountains were overlooking the sea, and the surging waves swept across rocks and beaches, leaving low thoughts out of the way. (applause.) -.

I would smile at Ron because of her simple and clear embrace.

Not far from Ron was the famous Otovy National Park, (Great Otway National Park), and Erskine Falls, (Erskine Falls).

Although the ocean road has the brightest view, but Ron quietly to come and go, the years are long, moving still.

The most beautiful scenery always appears in such a low-key place.

Like meeting Ron, everything is not deliberately planned, there is no pre-pursuit, meet, is the most beautiful thing.

[交] trip mode

You can drive yourself, or you can take the V/Line rail transit to bus traffic. If you drive yourself, recommend a car with a small turn, because the whole Dayang Road Mountain Road is more curved.

The public transport fare is around $20, from the Southern Cross train station in Melbourne to Geelong and then to the V/ Line bus to buy a ticket to Lorne at the Geelong station counter.

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