Whales are coming! Whale watching doesn't feel sick:the most comfortable and most enjoyed whale route is here.

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When Australia enters winter, the lively whale family has come to the season of going out. At this time, you who live on the coast of the East China Sea can get whales near the waterfront. However, every time it comes to watching whales, there is always a dismal voice in my head that reminds me: do you feel seasick?

When Australia enters winter, the lively whale family has come to the season of going out. At this time, you who live on the coast of the East China Sea can get whales near the waterfront. However, every time it comes to watching whales, there is always a dismal voice in my head that reminds me: do you feel seasick?

Indeed, taking the Golden Coast whale as an example, it takes at least 50 minutes to travel from the coastal port to the sea area of the whale. For many people, seasickness is absolutely inevitable.

I remember the first time a few years ago, I didn`t have experience watching the whale, didn`t take sick medicine, and had a lot of breakfast, a few waves came over, and I couldn`t catch up. At last, I reached the place where I saw the whales, I could only have to take a plastic bag on the deck, vomiting, and I couldn`t stand up.

In order to avoid the same experience as that one, we summarize some tips for comfortable whale watching today:

Select a comfortable route 

There are many places around Brisbane where whales can be watched, and the degree of turbulence varies slightly from place to place due to hydrological conditions and the characteristics of ocean currents. The following is a classification of the most popular sites according to the extent of whale bumps over the past few years for reference only:

LINGBO:The Golden Coast Marina Mirage Whale Watch.

The wharf has as many as three species of whale-hunting companies here, and the wharf ship`s whale-watching route is consistent, reaching the sea in the river, entering the sea in the northeast, about 40 minutes to the sea.

The navigation on the inland river is usually calm, very comfortable, and only a little shake when the sea is out of the sea.

Ships are not afraid of waves:the Golden Coast Ocean World Whaling Ships.

The ocean world of the gold coast uses a two-body whale ship, up to 10 meters, with a ship name of Spirit of Miglyo. There are a three-layer hold, a peripheral deck and a barrier. The second floor has a comfortable luxury seat and a top-level open view platform. Great for viewing.

The route of the whale ship is also along the river to the sea, from the sea to the northeast, and about 40 minutes to the designated sea area. Although there is a strong wind, because the hull is large, the basic operation is stable, and it is suitable for the population of the whale watching from sea to sea.

Wind and micro-wave: A whale watching the island of the island of charge.

The coast of Fesha is the whale-watching capital of the southern hemisphere. From August to October each year, humpback whales return to the South Pole after giving birth in the archipelago of northeastern Australia and spend a few days or even weeks passing through the waters between Fesha Island and Holly Bay because the waters here are clear and calm and are ideal for southward whales to rest and communicate with each other. The mother of baby, a newborn whale, has more time to feed, making whale baby grow stronger and prepare for a southward move. Just because whales are not in a hurry, you can watch whales play at close range through the clear sea.

The regular Fisha Island whaling route is located on one side of the Have Bay, where the current is relatively stable, and the wind is usually not very large compared with the sea, and many professional whale observation teams and missions also carry out whale observation and survey activities.

Wave-shaking ship: the dolphin-island-view whale ship

Dolphin Island is one of the best whale watching sites around Brisban. humpback whales are not often seen, but droves of whales can be seen almost every day, which can be said to be first-rate.

The ship is the Tangaloa ferry, and the Tangalaoma ferry company has a total of two small and three ships. If you are lucky and the waves are not great, you will not be particularly uncomfortable if you have a good luck, however, if the boat is used on the same day, Then in more than 30 minutes from the island to the sea from the northern part of the island, you will usually feel that the hull is clearly and violently shaken. It`s your best choice to go back to the cabin and sit still.

The return trip is usually smooth, the crew on board is very experienced, and the Sonar equipment can transmit the call of whales, which is very popular with tourists. When you are lucky, there will be blue whales swimming. If you encounter them, don`t miss them.

Wind force: The Cleveland island of the whale ship

The only one of these five locations is the only one to be sure to see the whale. Although most of the visitors visited the whales, the experience is not so satisfactory.

The whale-watching ship set out from the bay in central Cleveland for about 1.5 hours to the deep waters on the edge of the Coral Sea. Upon arrival, the crew marched along the regular route of whale family activity until the whale was seen. Once the weather conditions are bad, the wind and waves here will become very strong, suitable for adventure, have a wealth of experience in going to sea, good waterborne outdoor experts.

how to cope with seasickness 

In addition to choosing a more comfortable route accident, there are some other things that will help passengers with seasickness history to enjoy the journey, out of the door, be sure to take the seasickness medicine. The drugstore is almost all sold, can buy small package, there are only 4 pieces, can also buy a containing tablet. However, if the time of taking the medicine is not mastered, the effect of the anti-corona is often difficult to achieve by taking the medicine. As with anti-halos and all other drugs, after oral administration, it is necessary to achieve a certain blood concentration in the body, so that the anti-corona effect can be achieved, and the high and low levels of the blood concentration and the speed of reaching the prevention and control concentration depend on the amount of the medicine and the time difference of taking the medicine before the vehicle.

Generally speaking, most of the ineffective drugs are only started after sailing, and some even take medicine only when nausea has occurred, where can they be taken? The correct method of use is to take medicine on an empty stomach 0.5 hours before departure in order to shorten the emptying time of the drug in the stomach and make the drug fly to the intestinal absorption so that the effective concentration of the drug can be reached by boat and satisfactory results can be obtained.

In addition, the night before whale watching, be sure to have enough sleep, and do not stay up all night because of excessive excitement. Drinking too much alcohol or alcoholic drinks is not recommended. For many tourists, alcohol can aggravate dizziness, headache and nausea, and the smell of alcohol can easily make people around them seasick.

To distract yourself, some friends read newspapers, listen to music or read mobile phones while on board. But doing so can actually cause nervous tension and more likely to lead to seasickness. If necessary, lie down and close your eyes and breathe slowly to stabilize tension or anxiety. If some of the companions have "seasickness" phenomenon, it is best to temporarily leave the scene, so as not to be infected with the atmosphere of seasickness.


Jiang: The recent scientific research has shown that Jiang can prevent the drought and duck seasickness. The researchers thought that the effect of ginger was that it could absorb gastric acid to prevent nausea.

Olives and lemons: early airsickness causes you to produce too much saliva, which drips into your stomach and makes you feel sick. The tannic acid produced by olives can dry your mouth. Therefore, when the first sign of nausea, eat some olives, help reduce nausea, chew lemon dried also.

The above is a small trick on the comfort of a whale to avoid seasickness, and a friend who needs it can test it. After all, the whale watching is an outdoor activity. It is not suitable for high-heeled shoes, fine-heel shoes, and it is recommended to wear waterproof slippers, shoes, and comfortable tie-in shoes. In winter, the whale`s wind is large, and it must carry a coat. The sea is changeable, but it is not suitable for an umbrella, and can carry a submachine or a rain cape.

Parents carrying children should try to avoid the child standing on the bow or ship`s side, so as to avoid the waves falling into the water.

Civilized whale watching, do not throw sundries, food and garbage. Don`t turn on the flash for a picture.

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