Western Australia pink lake bleak for ten years, or will reproduce 'pink'

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Espelance Pink Lake around 1970 (Lake Hillell, Lake Hillier)Before Instagram came out, the description of Pink Lake was incredible unless it was seen. The Pink Lake was the source of the legend of many Australian Native Fantasia, which was considered a gift to nature by local people.

Espelance Pink Lake around 1970 (Lake Hillell, Lake Hillier)

Before Instagram came out, the description of Pink Lake was incredible unless it was seen. The Pink Lake was the source of the legend of many Australian Native Fantasia, which was considered a gift to nature by local people.

Ten years ago, Pink Lake in southeastern Western Australia lost its original sparkling pink.

This unique pink faded as a result of changes in natural water flow, reduced evaporation and salt mining (stopped in 2007).

At present, a team of scientists will carry out what is considered an unprecedented research project in Australia to find out how to restore the lake to its original brilliance of pink.

In the past, the pink of the lake came from microalgae that produce beta carotene in the lake, environmental scientist Tilo Marsanbauer (Tilo Massenbauer) said. in the past, the lake appeared pink from microalgae that produce beta-carotene in the lake. Beta carotene is a pigment that makes carrots appear orange.

"at present, the organisms that make the lake pink still exist. But because of the lower salt content in the lake, these organisms do not currently produce β-carotene," he said.

Environmental scientist Tilo Massenbauer hired to restore the original color of pink lake

Massan Bauer and two other scientists were hired by the local government to study ways to increase the salt content of the lake and to determine the required concentration.

"there may be salt water in the depths of the lake, that is, ancient salt water, and if the composition of these salt is similar to that in the lake, we can introduce such salt into the lake water system," he said.

Can pink lake be pink again?

When asked how likely the lake would turn pink again, Massan Bauer said it "certainly can be done."

"at present, it is in the early stage of scientific research, and from a technical point of view, it is quite feasible. In the final analysis, it is the cost of economic."

Pink Lake has been blue for more than a decade

The study will be conducted within the next six months, after which the estimated cost of the project will be released and submitted for approval.

Matthew Walker (Matthew Walker), of the local (Shire of Esperance) in Espelance County, said there was no cap on funding and that the local government would decide on it.

"the local government is now considering whether restoring the color of Pink Lake will benefit the local community, ecology and tourism," he said.

"it`s important for the community to see if this is possible."

Sandy Gillard (Sandie Gillard), manager of (Esperance Nyungar Aboriginal Corporation), an indigenous land management company, said the pink appearance of the lake was also culturally meaningful and had inspired many Aboriginal "dream era" stories in the past.

"it`s always been pink," she said. "the lake stopped showing pink because it was not a natural cause, because of human intervention."

The Gold absorption Stone of Australian Tourism

In Australia, there is more than one pink lake, including the Hert lagoon (Hutt Lagoon). Near Geralton (Geraldton) The Hutt lagoon has recently set off a tourist boom.

Hert lagoon north of Geralton, Western Australia

Espelance (Esperance) also has a pink lake called Lake Hillell (Lake Hillier), but local government says because the lake is on the island, it takes a sightseeing plane or a long boat to "see Fangrong," which many people can`t afford.

Mary Nunan, manager of pink lake tourism park, said the rise of online pictures and social media had misled tourists into thinking they could drive to the picturesque pink lake.

Lake Hillell, located on the middle island, can only be reached by air or by boat, while Pink Lake is only 10 minutes` drive from downtown Espelans.

"We met some international tourists who would rent a RV in Perth, drive here all night, stay all night, just to see Pink Lake," she said.

"We have to tell them that there is no pink lake here. Some people will be very disappointed, others will be very angry."

Nunan`s business is named after the famous lake, and several merchants in the area are named after the lake.

In recent years, some people have lobbied for the lake to formally change its name.

The pink lake in Espelance is very popular, and nearby businesses have played the signs of pink lake

"I think this will affect the tourism industry in Espelance County, because we play the Pink Lake sign and the pink Lake is not here, and I think it will damage the reputation of Espelance County," Ms. Noonan said.

Walker, from Espelance County, said renaming the lake was a "pretty difficult" process, "but it might be easier to try the project."

Government, Espelance County, said it could take years to turn the lake pink again if approved.

But after more than a decade without seeing the glittering pink, Nunan said she was willing to wait until the charming pink returned.

"it`s great for the region, for everyone, and it brings tourists," she said.

"tourists will go to lucky bay (Lucky Bay), where kangaroos can be seen on the beach.

"but Pink Lake is a gold-absorbing stone for this area, and I firmly believe that."

Mary Nunan of Pink Lake Tourism Park said she had to respond to the expectations of the guests.

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