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It`s always a surprise that the``gas station`` COSTCO of the villagers live in Australia is fine.The quality is good, the quantity is large, looks at this big bear, will know! I heard it was 2.8 meters!

It`s always a surprise that the``gas station`` COSTCO of the villagers live in Australia is fine.

The quality is good, the quantity is large, looks at this big bear, will know! I heard it was 2.8 meters!

There is no mistake, Costco has been walking simple and rough style, is a large amount, is wayward! Spring snack varieties began to trend towards spring outing and holiday style. Next, the editor will introduce you to go shopping together.

Small snacks recommended 

Came in and saw an entire shelf of cake desserts.

Coconut almond cake

To tell the truth, the heavy sense of quantity, if there is no coconut fluttering out, hold it in your hand will not be willing to put it down.?

J / C / 39 / add cupcake / cupcakes / cupcakes

Twelve cupcakes, chocolate cake solid and dense, rich flavor. Red velvet cake body with cream topflower, bite down cold silk slippery, a mouthful can not stop.

Banana Bread

The 2.2kg bread, tiger head editor felt powerless holding it, saying it was bread, but the tiger head editor thought the taste was more like cake, with a strong banana flavor, and friends met first.

Madeleines Madeleine cake

Shell-shaped cupcakes, soft and sweet, taste more humid, taste sweet, children`s party with this is absolutely not wrong oh.

Tiramisu Tira Misu

... class=`class1` > afternoon tea, coffee - flavored Italian dessert.

As Tiramisu means "take me away now" in Italian, eating this delicacy will be as happy as boarding Wonderland.

Rians vanilla Cream Caramel

This is a dessert kept in the freezer. Each is packed in a small glass jar. When you eat it, you need to buckle it upside down. You can turn into a great Cream Caramel, which can be compared with the one sold outside, and the soft, silky pudding is under the scorched and sweet surface. Sweet palatability is indeed a classic of French desserts.


This is a fine dessert from France, chocolate sauce and cream in the form of milk jelly into the glass cup, to use a small spoon to explore this dessert, the bottom chocolate is very rich, be sure to try it.

Best accompaniment: chocolate 

With the cake, the tiger head editor is going to visit his favorite chocolate section.


As far as seniority is concerned, TIMTAM is, of course, the number one chocolate snack. The most widely recommended Australian chocolate biscuits in China, heavy chocolate plus middle biscuits, is definitely the favorite of chocolate controllers, the most recommended is the original flavor of classical chocolate, a little sweet ~

Absolutely fatten the artifact! Brewing milk will also taste a lot better.

I don`t know how many times higher than Oreo, and the big package is more enjoyable.

HERSHEY'S miniatures

Halloween packaging in particular, mini mixed chocolate, a variety of flavors full of a kilogram, the most suitable for door-to-door small troublemakers to ask for candy.

Three flavors of HERSHEY'S KISSES

Hershey chocolate always gives the elves a lovely impression, this comprehensive package contains milk chocolate, cookies and nuts sandwich taste. Sweet feeling, you know.

French truffle chocolate

Traditional truffle chocolate, coated with cocoa powder, looks like truffle covered with sand.

The entrance is bitter first and then sweet. Plus the selection of pure natural ingredients, delicate taste, silky slippery, bring you a taste feast.

Another feature is that the unique formula creates an ultra-low melting point at 23 ℃, bringing an excellent taste of "entrance" that no other chocolate can match. If you are not careful, it will dissolve in the palm of your hand. Put him in your mouth!

Belgin Luxury Chocolates

This is a beautifully packaged gift box with a face inside and outside.


Tiger head editor has always felt that this brand is particularly real, especially persistent. Its name is Triangle Chocolate, so its product is a long triangle large and small.

Milk chocolate tastes very silky, and if you`re worried that it`s hard to tune, this one will solve the problem.


Finally, the final axis of chocolate must be rich in gold, must be high, golden.

Ferrero hazelnut Violet Chocolate (Sands Chocolate)

The golden side of the chocolate wall, single box packaging using diamond visual design

This Ferrero hazelnut waxy chocolate: creates a multi-layer material covered with milk chocolate and broken hazelnut (hazelnut), with Weihua (wafer), soft chocolate and a complete hazelnut, bringing multiple flavors. Whether from packaging to price, "gold" flicker, each ROCHER choose gold foil independent packaging, display in a transparent gift box, novel and unique ideas, elegant decoration. The chocolate coat with nuts is crispy, and the chocolate heart is soft and smooth, sweet but not greasy, and melt at the entrance.

Every one is the smell of loving you.

If you`re free, you can take nuts on your own. 

With the strong love chocolate, the next step is to serve the healthy nut series.

KIRKLAND shelled pistachio

Salty - flavored pistachios, with only a handful of salt, chewing one, lips and teeth.

KIRKLAND comprehensive nut

You don`t like shell peeling? The love of the lazy party!

Full of cans of mixed nuts, a mess of conscience. 1.13 kg, open a small party to entertain friends absolute ok.

Blue cans are salty, with cashew nuts, almonds and pecans.

Green is salt-free, with cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds and pecans.

KIRKLAND raw walnut kernel

Walnut kernel skin has been disposed of, completely no bitter taste, eat in the mouth is very sweet, is the taste of pure natural nuts, clean, very attractive.

Sweet fruit snack series 

Australian fruit is super delicious, Australian fruit is super healthy. Australian fruit snacks are also a delicacy that must not be missed.


Blueberry, a magical fruit, anthocyanin small bomb, all day in front of the computer partners must buy this to eat, "eye-nourishing" Oh!

Sour and sweet taste is also particularly pleasant.


A whole apricot dry, sour and sweet appetizer, the most important thing is that their raw materials come from organic farms. Health and delicacy are done at once.

Dried orange fruit

I grew up eating canned tangerine peel and orange sugar, and I didn`t know there was a third way to eat oranges until I met dried oranges in COSTCO. Businesses are real people, directly in the bag to tell everyone this snack "soft & juicy" tut, listen very moved.

Frozen mixed fruit square

This is a super suitable for summer snacks, pure natural dragon fruit, mango, yellow peach, strawberries cut into small pieces, frozen, when eating clatter into the plate, a little melting and then eat, the taste is the best!

Overtime biscuit wa 

Raspberry organic fruit pie

A box of 24 stuffing is made of organic blueberries and organic strawberries. Take a bite, but also chew fresh sweet pulp, taste full, overtime necessary.

Specialty Crackers 

Special craftsmanship of coarse grain biscuits with nuts in them. Each box has three cheeses to choose from, not only chewing dry biscuits, but also cheese.

Tropical Fields coconut roll

This is also an online celebrity in the purchasing industry, but zip sealed packaging is very sweet, as soon as you open it can smell super fragrant coconut flavor, crispy delicious can not stop, you can buy it at Costco.

WALKERS six-layer butter cookie integrated family installation

This is an English style of tea, including the original flavor, fruit, chocolate and other six flavors. Although the classification is many but loose and soft, the milk fragrance is overflowing, the butter flavor is rich is necessary. The tiger head editor likes the one with cranberries best. Every bite can eat the taste of happiness.

Dip sauce biscuit

At first glance, it is a small snack to make the children happy, but when you dip the biscuit into your mouth with the cheese sauce made in the box, all the prejudice is so delicious that it can`t stop. There are 36 small boxes in a large box, only enough to eat for three days.

Pods crispy chocolate core biscuit

It is one of the most popular snacks in the Australian snack world. The pretzel contains chocolate flow, and the surface of the pretzel is covered with chocolate. Chocolate sweetness and biscuit crispy, the most popular are mars and Snickers flavors.

Preserved meat, potato chips collection 

Chinese barbecue fleshy pork strips

Really has the taste of hometown, seasoning can eat the Chinese chef commonly used big ingredients and pepper flavor, but also a little sweet taste, when homesick take a bite.

JACK LINK'S beef strip

The original flavor, the taste is not very strong, the taste is slightly hard, more chewy, in the mouth is most suitable for chewing it to relieve greed.

It`s great to pack independently. Put it in your bag at work. You can take it with you for exercise.

LAY'S original potato chips

This tribute to the classic, after the play with a bag, very good, enough weight.

Doritos Corn Corn

One of the hottest nachos sold in the world, there is also an extremely paranoid group in the world [Doritos ecstasy]. Love cheese taste, with Cheese Dip to eat, that super strong cheese flavor will never be forgotten.

Carbon roasted Lave

Very crisp, slightly salty, in addition to dry I also tried to make small sushi, in fact, is to add rice cucumber carrot strips, quite delicious, or simply crumpled rice so big a package really eat for a long time.

DJ&A Veggie Crisps mixed vegetable dried

There are yellow sweet potato, purple sweet potato, carrots, green radish, four seasons beans, mushrooms these six kinds of vegetables, sprinkled with some seasoning, light salty fragrance. Dried and crispy vegetables, not greasy at all, most of them no longer have the original vegetable flavor, only green turnips retain a complete radish flavor.

Sipahh Gollum magic milk straw

Cure bear kids! If you don`t like milk, go to the sipahh straw! When inhaling milk, the seasoning beads in the straw make the milk taste. A cup just uses one, pure natural does not add fried chicken stick!

Today, let`s start with this. Tiger head editor is hungry. I`m going to unpack and eat. Bye.

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