Sydney is good mountain, good water, so boring? That's what you haven't seen! Sydney 20 good places for a day trip, let's walk on weekends

[Free Tour]     12 Sep 2019
Many people say Sydney is a good place: good mountains, good water, so boring.Although there are many holidays, but do not know where to play!

Many people say Sydney is a good place: good mountains, good water, so boring.

Although there are many holidays, but do not know where to play!

Stay at home all day, almost grow mushrooms, have? There`s wood?

Actually, you`re all wrong!

Sydney has a lot of fun places to go, but most people don`t know.

Outing horse riding, water flying board, indoor skydiving, car theater, extreme rafting, indoor paintball, Riverside park, etc.

Whether it is aesthetic, lyrical, or exciting, scary, expensive, no money. Sydney, it`s all here!

Go ahead, what do you want to play?

Today, the editor has sorted out some interesting and worth going places in Sydney!

Trust me, that`s right!

Hurry up and forward the collection.

No.1,Glenworth Valley horseback riding 

Located on the central coast between Sydney and Hunter Valley, Glenworth Valley is about an hour`s drive north of Sydney and is the largest riding and sports center in Australia.

There are many kinds of projects, such as four-drive cross-country, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, flying saucer shoot and so on.

There are koalas, kangaroos, possum, wild dogs and other Australian wild animals in the valley, close contact with small animals, full of interest?

Address: Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley, NSW

Train: you can take the train to Gosford, and when you arrive, you can call Junwei Valley (A $50 one way).

No.2、iFly Indoor Skydiving 

Friends who want to be exciting, but also afraid of danger, can try it. It is not only safe, but also can experience the thrill of skydiving!

Go with 2 / 5 friends, the total price is $440. you can "parachute" 10 times, each time for about 1 minute, which is equivalent to jumping from a height of 14000 feet!

If you are interested, go and have a look. Make an appointment.

Address: 123 Mulgoa Road Penrith NSW 2750

Price: $89 per person.

No.3,ST PETERS indoor rock climbing 

ST PETERS, Sydney`s largest indoor climbing center, has 250 difficult rope climbing routes.

Indoor 2900 square meters of rock walls and 200 square meters of rock walls are full of rock spots of different shapes, and climbers use these rock points to get close to the top.

Basic courses are also provided for beginners free of charge. In addition, indoor rock climbing usually needs the cooperation of companions, very test tacit understanding.

Considering that some climbing enthusiasts can`t find a partner, ST PETERS also defines "Meet a Partner Night" every Tuesday night, providing more opportunities for rock climbers to get to know each other.

Address: Unit 4C/1-7 Unwins Bridge Road St, Peters NSW 2044

Tel: (02) 9519 3325 email: [email protected]

Price: adult (unequipped) $16


No.4,Hunter Valley Hunter Valley 

The oldest wine grape growing area in Australia. The area is also famous for its delicacy, cooking schools, art corridors, healthy spa homes and golf courses.

You can try cheese, handmade chocolate, cooked food, dairy products, yeast bread and olive oil from local producers here. Take a master wine tasting class, or choose a few from more than 150 cellars to taste all kinds of good wine.

After you enjoy the feast of bliss, you might as well relax outdoors, play golf, take hot air balloons or helicopters, or go to the art gallery in the area to visit bone Dong and local works of art.

Address: Broke Road Pokolbin, NSW 2320 Australia

No.5、BRAVO Fishing Charters 

Both novice and experienced old anglers can have fun fishing at sea here.

The fishing boat of the club, led by sailors, shuttled through the reef of Royal National Park in Port Hacking, throwing hooks against the sea wind. The (Snapper), (Snapper), lip finger fish, the (Morwong), scad, the (Trevally), bass, the (Perch), the (Wrasse) peace head fish, the Sparus (Snapper), lip finger fish, the (Perch), sea bass, the (Perch), Seto, the (Wrasse) peace head fish.

Wandering in the deep blue water, waiting for you to hook.

Address: Cronulla NSW 2230

No.6、TreeTop Adventure Park 

Through suspension bridges, flying foxes and high-altitude swings, you can travel between the tops of tree crowns to experience the extreme pleasure of soaring epinephrine.

Each project has different difficulties, allowing participants to enjoy the exciting experience at their own speed and rhythm.

Nearby West Sydney Green (Western Sydney Parklands) has plenty of barbecue facilities, with sheltered picnic areas, children`s playgrounds and bathroom facilities. Use it for free before climbing the treetops.

Address: 1 Red Hill Rd, Wyong Creek NSW 2259

No.7、Catherine Hill Bay 

Catherine Hill Bay is a Xinzhou Heritage Reserve, and the whole town is listed as Australia`s national heritage, where nearly seven TV dramas are filmed.

For most people, this is a very special place. Just look at the beautiful scenery, is to make people drunk!

Address: Catherine Hill Bay NSW

No.8、Sea Cliff Bridge 

It is located in the direction of Wollonggong.

It is suggested that when you go to wollongong to play, you can take this road back. The sunset is infinitely good.

Bridge head and bridge position are equipped with parking spots, you can get off and walk along the bridge, very beautiful to say.

Address: Sea Cliff Bridge, Clifton NSW

No.9,Sky Zone indoor trampoline 

Sky Zone is one of the largest indoor trampoline theme parks in Australia, with branches all over Australia.

The Sydney-based Alexandria, has launched foam pit (Foam Pit), basketball frame (Basketball Hoops) and dodgeball courts.

Some of the elastic material even extends to the wall, even if you want to jump to the wall. Whether adults or children, you can jump as much as you like, laugh loudly, and try your hand!

Address: Alexandria NSW 2015

Price: $16 / person

No.10、Macquarie Ice Rink 

Macquarie Ice Rink should be one of Sydney`s most popular indoor skates, with a lot of skaters coming here every day.

At the same time, there are a lot of professional training-usually a combination of a coach and a child whose superb skating skills are dazzling.

Address: Macquarie Shopping Centre, cnr of Waterloo and Herring Roads North Ryde NSW 2113

No.11、Skyline Drive In Blacktown 

Skyline Drive In Blacktown is a car theater with no loss of projection equipment to indoor theaters, plus two opposite big screens and advanced sound equipment, the visuals are great.

Many couples now come here on weekends to watch double-screen movies and eat 50 s style food.

"watching movies in your own car has enough private space, and no one is sitting next to you to bother you."

In addition to couples, there are also many families to join the party, and even older couples, who come here with nostalgic feelings to appreciate the updated technology.

Location: Cricketers Arms Rd Blacktown NSW 2148

Price: $10

No.12,Flyboard water flying board 

Not only can we swim in water, but we can fly out of water. It`s a special water-skiing shoe that uses jet-jet technology to pump out high-pressure water jets to get people to fly straight to the sky like Iron Man.

You can dive like a dolphin for a short time and then break the waves. Coach will guide you to move your legs, the body just need to maintain balance, you can like Iron Man, Astro Boy, gallop in the air! The whole process by protecting the headset in the headset exchange, to help you wonderful performance!

Address: International Regatta Centre, Old Castlereagh Rd, Penrith

No.13, runs kart. 

Did you build it? The top F1 drivers in the world practice from driving kart, so kart is also known as the cradle of F1 racing.

Want to learn Zhou Dong to play cool drift, or want to experience F1 speed, be sure to try the kart! This is exciting, absolutely no stunt!

Address: 50 Peter Brock Drive Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Price: $25 / person

No.14、Blaxland Riverside Park 

In sydney, a super-cool outdoor event park, a dream for adults, is built in the blaxland river park. It is an important part of the Sydney Olympic Park landscape. The tree house, the swing is decorated into a new appearance, the sub-health condition of the modern people is worrying, the child of the child can live a paradise is great.

The site consists of a 200-meter-long 3-meter-high terrain and a cone-shaped space. The tunnel slide is half hidden on the steeper slopes, where other recreational facilities such as climbing nets, swings, sand kangs and a waterscape plaza with a capacity of 170 fountains are built.

Address: Jamieson Street, Sydney NSW 2127

Tel: (02) 9714 7888

No.15、Indoor Paintball 

This indoor live paintball game (Sydney Indoor Paintball) is located in Peakhurst.

Take a look at this incomplete brick wall, stacked tires, scrapped cars, rusty petrol barrels, various props that simulate a realistic indoor battlefield, and the conscience of the industry.

Address: 1 / 17A Norman Street Peakhurst NSW 2210

Price: $35 / person open until 12:00 midnight

No.16、Sydney Skydivers 

In the small town of Goulburn, 200 kilometers southwest of Sydney, there is a flight training school and skydiving company skydive.

Two people fly to 1500 meters at a time, then jump together after being tied up by two coaches. It takes 45 seconds to fall freely and 4 minutes to glide after parachuting.

If the weather is fine, the whole parachuting process can cross the clouds many times and have a bird`s eye view of the idyllic scenery of the town and the nearby blue lake.

Official website address:

No. 17, Sydney simulation flight. 

Jet Flight Simulator is the first in Australia & the only civilian simulated flight experience center, simulating a Boeing 737. And the leadership of professionals with real flight experience. Oh, let you really experience the work scene of pilots!

Location: Unit 845 51 Huntley St Alexandria Sydeny NSW 2015

Price: $179.

No.18, Sydney artificial River drifting 

Penrith Whitewater, an hour`s drive from Sydney, is the only artificial river drifting place in the southern hemisphere and is designed for the 2000 Sydney Olympic kayak torrent swing event.

Single surfing boat, multi-person rafting boat and other camping exploration facilities are provided here to provide you with safe, perfect and thoughtful surfing and rafting travel services.

Location: Mccarthys Lane Cranebrook NSW 2749

Price: $94 per person

No.19、The Rocks Ghost Tour 

A trip to a haunted house in the rock area of Sydney! Listen to the real murder story, bewildered between the curtains waiting for evil spirits to haunt.

Address: 110 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000

Tel: 1300 731 971

No.20、Raging Waters Sydney 

The favorite place to go in summer is the water park. Sydney`s latest theme park, Sydney`s largest water park,: Raging Waters Sydney!

With 42 waterways, the world`s tallest and best water facilities, 18 meters high dark tornado tower Dark Tornado and colorful Whizzard Mat 8 racing car and other water stimulation challenges, so that you have a lot of fun, enthusiasm!

Crazy water slide, whether it`s surfing bends or SkyCoaster water skiing, you don`t have to go to the Gold Coast to experience the most powerful water park.


Price: $49.99 / person

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