Keynton Town: 63 traditional daffodils Festival, the correct opening of the spring model

[Free Tour]     04 Sep 2019
After a long winter, Victoria`s cold winter finally quietly left.In early September, when the atmosphere of spring first arrived, accompanied by the spring breeze, is the smell of daffodils from an entire town.

After a long winter, Victoria`s cold winter finally quietly left.

In early September, when the atmosphere of spring first arrived, accompanied by the spring breeze, is the smell of daffodils from an entire town.

The town of Kyneton, in Macedon Ranges, Virginia, is just over an hour`s drive from Melbourne and hosts a series of art events every spring.

Among them, Keynton daffodils and art festival (Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival), is one of the most prominent events.

From September 5 to 15, 2019, this historic daffodils festival will once again bring wonderful visual and performing arts, handicrafts and flowers to meet spring and enthusiastic tourists with the most beautiful daffodils garden in town.

1. A small town blessed by God 

Even without the Narcissus Festival, the town of Kendon is a place blessed by God.

The town`s Campospe River, along with its surrounding walkways and gardens, is tranquil and natural;

Trent Falls (Trentham Falls) and Niuhan suspended Rock (Hanging Rock in Newham) show the beauty and tension of nature.

The Keynton Museum (Kyneton Museum) and the old bank building show the town`s long history and strong human flavor;

A variety of farmers` markets, so that the town from the quiet and lively balance, to bring softness and warmth to the heart.

Macedon range is also the largest number of artists per capita in Victoria, and Keynton has a passionate coffee culture and a strong artistic flavor.

There are many small art galleries and craftsmen centers, as well as delicious coffee and ancient elegant cafes that you can`t imagine.

Keynton is far from the populous area and the light pollution is very low.

Compared with other Australian cities, this is an excellent place for astronomers to observe the night sky in the southern hemisphere, and has 500 hectares of astronomical observation facilities.

However, even without high-tech professional equipment, the night sky with the naked eye is clear and pure.

On a starry sunny night, you can even see the shape of the Milky way and the romance that shines all over the sky.

2. The Narcissus Flower Festival with a long history 

The town of Keynton has a long history of growing daffodils.

When it comes to Keynton, almost the first thing that people familiar with think of is daffodils.

As an internal symbol of the town, it has been 63 years since the Keynton daffodils festival.

Every year, all kinds of art exhibitions at the Narcissus Festival are created around the theme of daffodils.

A, garden view

Many of the local private gardens will also be open to tourists during the festival, showing a prosperous spring scene dominated by daffodils.

In the town of Keynton, no garden is the same, and each garden condenses the design of its master.

In the flowers, there are sculptures, fountains, tree carvings and works of art trimmed by plants.

In the flower cluster around, vines entangled pavilion small rest, feel the flower fragrance and spring breeze brushing face, is not comfortable.

The edible garden, which is open on September 7 and 8, is the most special of the many gardens.

The beauty of planting flowers can not only stay in the visual experience, but also add to the food.

These gardens show the use of sustainable, non-chemical ways to grow healthy edible flowers and vegetables.

Here, you can learn how to grow these flowers and how to build your own private vegetarian garden

Bring the beauty and delicacies back to the city and back to your own garden.

The children dressed as daffodils

In addition to blooming in open gardens and flower shows, daffodils are the hallmark of spring.

B. artistic performances and activities

As the festival, Keanton not only prepared thousands of daffodils for people, but also a rich 11-day event -.

Art exhibitions, live music and performances, family pet shows, ferrets competitions, scarecrow production competitions, and grand parade.

As the traditional program of the festival, performing artists from all parts of Victoria will bring One Festival Play drama to tourists and dance in the daffodils background and wonderful music.

Making scarecrow is a new project added in 2019.

In the scarecrow workshop, people can learn and personally make a scarecrow and make their works real caretakers in Keynton`s gardens.

This new project may be loved by children.

After all, you can decorate it according to your preferences and dress it up differently.

It could be a female scarecrow with a red scarf, a lumberjack scarecrow in a plaid shirt, or a straw hat to make a vivid expression.

Give full play to your imagination and let your scarecrow enter the competition, and you may also get rich prizes!

The last day of the festival is the best part of the whole festival.

The grand parade event in Grand Parade will bring the whole town out.

Bands, dancers, floats, old cars, and teams of people in uniforms from a variety of industries

In their own way, they set off heatwaves and joys one after another for the end of the festival.

And don`t forget, after the boisterous celebration of parade, that the legendary and hospitable restaurants of the town of Keanton also serve up delicious food for visitors.

C, art awards

The Keynton Festival has set up a lot of competitions and awards.

In addition to the scarecrow production competition mentioned earlier, the Keynton Narcissus Art Award and the Photography Competition are probably the two most high-profile awards in the festival.

The Keynton Daffodils Art Awards invite artists from all walks of life to take part in their own original works.

Photography competitions seem more approachable, and any photography enthusiast can sign up to show your work to tourists from all over the world.

These competitions also bring more competition and appreciation to the festival.

Tourists have more opportunities to feel the most approachable works of art by folk artists.

D, special accommodation

The Keynton daffodils Festival brings people into the beauty of flowers and art, and this wonderful artistic atmosphere will continue into food and accommodation.

You may have driven a RV countless times, but you must have never felt the garage.

Camp Kulning, a feature of bus transformation, has become a very popular place to stay in Keynton.

In the retro-charismatic bus, the kitchen and sanitation are complete, and the two queen rooms are best suited for family travelers to book.

Don`t underestimate these beautiful furniture, they are not antique designs, but real antiques

These antiques are found in antique shops in small towns.

Outside the bus accommodation, it is a huge interactive area.

You can see hammock, bonfire and interactive venue.

Children can have fun and couples can sit in hammocks watching the stars.

Here, you can not only feel the convenience and warmth of staying in the hotel, but also experience the fun and beauty of camping.

In particular, residential accommodation is very popular, must be booked in advance to feel this special night.

3, travel tips 

Festival time: 5-15 September 2019

Location: Keynton Town

Travel mode: drive from Melbourne, about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Visitors can also choose public transport: it takes only about 1 hour and 40 minutes to take train to Footscray Station, and V-Line to Kyneton Station, downtown.

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