Hutt Lagoon, West Australia Pink Lake. Hey, God, your Lancome powder is spilled.

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You`re right. We`re on our way!Perth-Geraldton 417km, 4.5h Geraldton — Hutt Lagoon 98km, 1h12m "everything is worth looking at from two angles, including Pink Lake.

You`re right. We`re on our way!

Perth-Geraldton 417km, 4.5h Geraldton — Hutt Lagoon 98km, 1h12m 

"everything is worth looking at from two angles, including Pink Lake.

From a distance, the pink lake is a plate of eye shadow for God. From a close point of view, it is blue nutmeg powder water knocked over by God, with a seductive rose fragrance.

The next day, we went from Geraldton to Hutt Lagoon, with two minutes` drive from Little Pink Lake, and there was no trace of Pink Lake. The road was so common that it didn`t look like the cover of National Geographic magazine at all.

But the little pink lake came out of the hill so coldly, first a corner, a thin line, and then more and more pink appeared on the other side of the road, and the whole mountain road was gentle in an instant.

Xiaofen Lake is the most desirable place for well-off people to come to Australia, and it is also the scenic spot I have been looking forward to for a long time. We met to see Little Pink Lake in Australia in our first year, but we didn`t see it together until well-off leave Australia.

Western Australia has pink lakes large and small, located in the town of Port Gregory Hutt Lagoon (Hutt lagoon) is the most accessible one, but also the largest of all pink lakes.

Gregory is a slender town, sandwiched between Pink Lake and the Indian Ocean, sitting in an excellent geographical location, with a resident population of only about 50 people. Dare to ask what kind of fairy experience it is on the left side of the ocean that goes out every day, and what kind of fairy experience is the pink lake on the right?

The left hand hugs the ocean, the right hand in hand the Gregory via Luke Shadbolt of the pink lake

Lancome, a famous French makeup brand, also uses Hutt Lagoon as a lipstick advertising place to dig deep into the hidden hearts of young girls.

| via Luke Shadbolt

| via Luke Shadbolt

Dare to ask which serious girl can resist such temptation?

Why Pink Lake is pink?


First of all, the salinity of Pink Lake is very high, these salt fattening a group of halophilic algae, as the name implies, is to eat salt to grow up algae, and these algae is the great culprit of pink lake, they produce a large number of β-carotene in the process of crazy reproduction, that is, the little pink you see, is the color of carotene.

In turn, the β-carrots they produce will also increase the salinity of the lake, making the environment more conducive to their own survival, which is called spring mud to protect flowers. Just go back and forth, forming a salt cycle, so Hutt Lagoon is saltier than a normal lake.

The personal test is really salty, the shore has the naked eye can see the white salt crystal, I specially touched a little lake water with my finger to taste it in my mouth, salty to bitter!

Don`t try easily!

When I saw a girl running into the lake barefoot to take pictures, it was estimated that the salt crystallization on the back legs of the landing would be enough to fry the food for a month.

One might think that Hutt Lagoon would be an ideal habitat for flamingos, such as other high-salinity lakes in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean Islands.

However, there are no higher animals in Australia`s pink lakes.

Although it has captured the hearts of thousands of girls, Hutt Lagoon is not willing to make just one vase. It is also Australia`s largest algae farm, of which 450 hectares have been used to extract β-carotene, which is used as a raw material for food pigments and vitamin A, and some health products are derived from the pink lake.

Eat the health care products extracted from here, the whole person will also follow the spirit of immortals, right?

How much luck does it take to see Pink Lake?


Since the cause of the powdery lake is algae and salinity, the degree of algae, density, and salinity directly affect the color degree of the powder lake, so the color of the lake is not the same at all four seasons, at different times, even in the sunny days.

During the rainy season, the lake water increases, the salinity is diluted, the powder naturally drops; in the dry season, that is, the summer in Australia, the weather is hot, the lake water evaporates, the salinity soars, most of the lake will turn into white salt fields, in short, drought and rain are not very friendly conditions.

Officials suggest that the best viewing season is September-November, when it is spring in Australia, when everything recovers, is ready to move, and arrives at all things. The season during which halophilic algae mate.

Don`t go in January-March, or you`ll torture the soul of "am I in the fake Pink Lake"?

The pink lake in mid-August

In addition, try to avoid haze days, affected by "Dunaliella Salina", in the haze world is likely to take pictures for 2 minutes and color for 2 hours.

It is said that the best viewing time of the day is between 10:00 and 14:00. We lived in Port Gregory Caravan Park, which is only 300m from Fanhu Lake. We chose three different times to go, namely, 9: 00 in the morning, 13:30 in the afternoon, and 16:30-17:00 in the afternoon.

It must have been the last week of the trailer incident for us to accumulate luck, the previous days have been checking the weather forecast are rainy days, but arrived at these two days just fine, three time period to see the pink lake did not let me down, can be summed up as very powder, quite powder, and super powder.

Its color is indeed unpredictable, every minute is not the same, every cloud is not the same, the cloud moves, like God gently stirred the color plate, the color quietly changed, just in the blink of an eye one by one.

However, it is suggested that straight men who can not tell the color of their girlfriend`s lipstick should not worry about it.

How to film the temperament pink lake


Helicopter Pink Lake Flyover Tou

If there are conditions, it is especially suggested to take a helicopter and produce beauty from a distance, just like the Great Barrier Reef. I only think that "the sea water is really blue". If I get on the helicopter, I can see more than one thing in the air, so I think it is really the work of nature!

Booking website:

Helicopter airport is located in Geraldton, so in advance in the town of G have to arrange the itinerary, after the helicopter to drive north for an hour to the small Pink Lake, the long view is close with both hands, both hands are hard, perfect!

Book tickets in advance! Book tickets in advance! Book tickets in advance!

We prepared to book tickets a few days before our first departure, only to find that there had been no tickets in the last few days, and the second time we had not been willing to cry by helicopter because the cost of repairing cars exceeded the budget.

: drone aerial photography

At the end of the day, Pink Lake is the best shot, whether you go up or not, the camera will do.

So the students with equipment must take them!

If we don`t have the equipment, we can only take a close shot at the right time and place, but I bet it`s not as good as the aerial 1 / 10. The following two are photo shared by buddies with drones. Is this really the same pink lake as I went?

The aerial photography comes from Zeyan.

If the close view of Pink Lake is a bottle of rose fragrant Lancome pink water, that vision is a plate of eye shadow plate used by God, which broke the heart of the old man`s girl!

The aerial photography comes from Zeyan.

Finally, summarize Hutt Lagoon

Port Gregory Caravan Park

Power site $35/nignt(off peak)

Family management scale, no wifi, optus no signal, 300m from Fanhu Lake, is the nearest camp around Fanhu Lake.

The facilities are ordinary, but in terms of geographical location, they have won a thorough understanding.


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