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Ubirr, Kakadu NT 0822, Australia

Introduction of Ubirr

Ubirr is one of the two most famous indigenous rock art galleries in Kakadu National Park, one of the two most famous indigenous rock art galleries in the Kakadu National Park (the other is the Noran Keystone Art site, Nourlangie Rock).), located in the Northern Territory's dual World Cultural and Natural Heritage site, (Kakadu National Park).

Ubirr is the unearthed rock layer of the Annum cliff, known for its fascinating indigenous rock art site. From the Ubirr parking lot, there is an easy 1-kilometer circular route to the Natural Art Gallery made of natural rocks. What's wonderful is that the walls of the main corridor are lined with well-preserved gerbils, possum, tortoises and fish, as well as charming Tasmanian tigers. Famous for its fascinating indigenous rock art sites, numerous rock walls depict many well-preserved frescoes left behind by primitive people, which date back to 40,000 years, but most of them belong to more than 2000 years ago. In search of more food, the aborigines used to rest or spend the night in this natural shelter, sheltering themselves from wind and rain and wild animals. Even when Australia's land is hot at 40 degrees, it is pleasant to have stones in the shade.

There are three main places to enjoy rock art in Ubirr,:

  • The main gallery, (Main Gallery):, is dominated by many representative animals hunted by the indigenous people, who painted portraits of animals on rocks to show respect for their existence, which allowed mankind to survive. At the same time, it is guaranteed that future hunting will be successful or will be used to illustrate the catch to be noted;
  • Rainbow Snake Gallery (Rainbow Serpent Gallery): Ubirr most sacred site, traditionally restricted to women, but ordinary visitors are allowed access;
  • Sister (The Namarrgarn Sisters).

Climb 250m from the entrance of the main gallery to the magnificent Nardab Lookout observatory, where you can tour the exotic waterlogged plains and watch the sun sink westward while the moon rises, although it is not uncommon for the sun to be with the moon. However, standing in such an empty ancient land to see the sun and moon greet each other, can not help but give birth to such a vast world feeling.


  • Tickets are required to enter Kakadu National Park, please refer to the Kakadu National Park page.

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Australia - Northern Territory
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