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Ningaloo Coast

Exmouth WA, Australia

Introduction of Ningaloo Coast

Located on the west-central coast of Western Australia, Ningaloo Coast is about 1200 kilometers south from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and covers an area of seven hundred and eight thousand three hundred and forty nine hectares, including sea and land. Selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the World Natural Heritage in 2011, it is one of three World Natural Heritage sites in Western Australia (the other two are Shark Bay SharkBay and Australia's Gonwana Rainforest Gondwana Rainforests of Australia).

Ningaloo Coast has the world's longest reef, extensive karst terrain on land, underground cave networks and water systems. Ningaloo Coast is not only a place where whale sharks gather every year, but also home to countless marine species. For example, many sea turtles are one of them. As a remarkable feature of the land part, underground water bodies and underground caves, channels and current networks provide support for the survival of rare animals, thus contributing to the local marine and terrestrial biodiversity.

One of the nestling reefs is less than 100 meters from the coast, allowing visitors to enter the bustling ocean world directly from the beach, and the best coral reefs in the world can easily indulge in the gorgeous tropical colors of 200 kinds of hard coral. 50 species of soft coral and more than 500 species of fish can keep your eyes on the bottom of the glass boat. Or simply put on diving gear and go straight into the science fiction-like underwater world, swimming around sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, dugong, Batfish, angel fish and clown fish, and many other marine creatures.

One of Australia's most famous tourist attractions, the Ningglu Coral Reef is different from other Australian coasts, most of which have not yet been fully developed, and beaches and jungle remain pristine.

The coastal town of (Exmouth), the northern gate of (Ningaloo Marine Park), is the world's best diving base, with a permanent population of about 2200 people, and is the main hub for visiting Ningaloo Coast.


  • Coral Bay and Exxmouth are two entrances to Ningero Ocean Park, one south and one north. They can fly from Perth to Learmonth, in the middle of the park, rent a car or charter a car.


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