How to apply for a Singapore tourist visa in Australia.

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When I return home this year, it`s right to see a ticket for a 21-hour transit in Singapore, and I`d like to play at Univeral!

When I return home this year, it`s right to see a ticket for a 21-hour transit in Singapore, and I`d like to play at Univeral!

So, Singapore visa to do up! ~.

I`d like to share a good news with you first!!! -China has added 96 hours to avoid it. ~

After February 2019, China has joined the 96-hour visa-free list. If children who plan to stay for no more than four days can go directly! of course, there are conditions. If you live in Tuao (holding a long-term visa), you must be eligible. Just pay attention to your departure and destination. The specific conditions are as follows.

Of course, if more than four days or a solid visa is to be done! So the visa is shared or written to you!!! ~

List of Step 1 materials 

Passport (valid for six months).

a letter of appointment (and so on how to make a reservation)

The photo of the passport size

Application form (and so on to teach you how to fill)

Related documents (generally not available)

Copy of passport signature page and photo page (old and end pages; new passport front page)

Copy of Chinese ID card (for Chinese only)

VEVO Australia`s valid visa certificate

Ticket and accommodation certificate

Commercial Invitation Certificate (only for the morning and exhibition purposes, the general will not need it)

5 and 10 of the above are not to be prepared for the general traveler. We`re ready for eight other items.-Simple, such as passport, photo, and all the copies. All of you can handle it. I`ll introduce you a little more complicated.

Step 2 Appointment Letter & Application Form 

Log in first:

Select Howtoapply and click the first one below.

Select CHINA, SINGAPORE, ENTRY VISA, will appear a table, are personal basic information, fill in the information one by one ~ the only thing to pay attention to is! Singapore will only accept applications for entry in the next 30 days. Suppose you want to enter Hong Kong in June, you can only apply in May! Unable to apply in advance! ~

Fill in all the information and submit the application, you can make an appointment time~after you fill in the email address before you will receive an appointment letter, is this drop! Print! There`s a specific time and a fee! ~.

Then you will also receive a PDF of another form that will need to be printed & filled in. The day you apply for a visa is to be taken.

The first page is the check list of the base material. Note that all the signatures here are to be signed by the Chinese passport.

The second page is the basic information, there is nothing to pay attention to, remember address in country of origin to write the domestic address

The third page goes on, everything is what to write, no spouse can not write, address in Singapore hotel address. Because in recent years in Australia, so the country that recently lived for more than a year wrote Australia. As for the choice of Part III, please choose no!

Sign the name on the last page and complete the form!

STEP 3 VEVO Visa Certificate 

Record Web site:

Enter all your information according to the requirements, and then VEVO will send you an email, the email will have an attachment PDF, with your visa information on it, and it will be no problem to print it out.

Certificate of accommodation ticket for STEP 4 

Yes, I just opened word to find a hotel to write, and the air ticket was printed on the electronic ticket because it had been booked in advance. If you don`t have a reservation, it`ll be good, and there`s no way to make a reservation. If I don`t remember, this is the time when the material is delivered, he will ask you to sign the date in person, and remember to print ~

STEP 5 Ta 

At last they`re not all ready! It`s a good time to submit a visa according to the time of appointment! ~

The place of submission is: 87 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000

I drove there, there are a lot of parking spaces nearby, parking is very convenient, look for it!

Just go upstairs and see VFS Global go in. I got there about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. There was no one when I went in. It looked cold. The office was particularly quiet. I sat quietly at the door and waited, hoping that someone would come and take care of me. However, after waiting for a long time, there was still no one, so he knocked on a door inside and came out and asked me what time I had made. What time did I say? she told me to keep waiting.

Shuo, a big brother (Chinese) in the middle, said that to do a visa, the little sister asked the appointment? Big brother said no. It may be the same day, the little sister said to let him wait a moment, to help him in a while, look as if no appointment is also possible.

Back to business, when my time came, my little sister asked me to go into the office, asked me for all the information, and asked me some simple questions, such as whether I had been to Singapore before. What time? Then give me all kinds of information collation, signature and seal or something, basically 5 minutes to complete, and finally pay by credit card. Visa fee $30, VFS service charge $65, although I don`t know what they served. Asked about the speed of signing, about a week will be signed.

I received an e-mail for Singapore`s visa on the afternoon. It`s about 2-3. It`s very fast. It is estimated that my Australian visa has expired more than a year, so I`ve given me a trip to Singapore a number of times a year. The specific length of the time to which a visa is given depends on the specific circumstances of each person, depending on the person.

I wish all the little friends who saw me to share the signing smoothly.

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