Little train, swinging melody ~ these cute tin guys, destination is rugged central Kunzhou

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When it comes to the beauty of Queensland, most of the buddies think of Keynes, Gold Coast, Brisbane and other cities.

When it comes to the beauty of Queensland, most of the buddies think of Keynes, Gold Coast, Brisbane and other cities.

It is true that the waves of GC, the mountains of Bucun, the hot air balloons of Keynes and so on all belong to their own special charm, but don`t think that the beauty of Kunzhou is only on the east coast. In the endless Outback area of Kunzhou, there are more unique beauty that is little known.

Kunzhou, as the second largest state in Australia, is located in the northeast, about 54% of the area is north of the southward regression line, not only less rainfall, the climate is also very warm, the four seasons have the sun warm, once had the reputation of "sunny state" ~

If you want to go deep into the heart of Kunzhou, flying or driving is not very realistic. The former network is not enough, the latter is too bitter and too tired. Therefore, train travel such a wonderful way, the best way to make you on the way to truly feel the Kunzhou rural wind belonging to Tu`ao.

Going inland, moving towards the unknown in the sound of train, the scenery along the way reverses back. This long / short trip to train is more attractive than a few tourist cities.

Kunzhou Railway Travel Collection


Spirit of Queensland commutes between Brisbane and Keynes five times a week. In many train, it is synonymous with modern science and technology. Compared with the bumps of the old train, it allows you to enjoy the journey in a more comfortable and convenient way.

In 24 hours, it traveled more than 1681 kilometers, which established its status as the only long-distance train with a sleeper in Queensland.

The view of the coast outside the window rolled forward, and in the car Spirit of Queensland also provided you with a lot of dining options.

Conclusion: this is a super leisure coastline journey, suitable for a short time train trip.


If you want to walk all the way from Brisbane to western Queensland, Spirit of the Outback will be your best choice.

Every Tuesday to Saturday, Longreach drives all the way to Rockhampton, 1300 km, and the train returns to Brisbane on Monday and Thursday. It is also possible to take train from Rockhampton on Wednesday, which lasts about 14 to 25 hours.

Longreach is also a very interesting place where friends can visit the Australian Hall of Fame (Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame) and Qantas founder Museum (Qantas Founders Museum).)

Conclusion: want to explore the wild west? Then choose this train.


Also from Brisbane, through the Great Watershed, through the lush green countryside of Darling Downs, to the inland city of Charleville., which is famous for its stargazing

The 777-kilometer journey takes about 17 hours, leave Brisbane at 07:15 on Tuesday and Thursday, and returning the next day at 06:15.

The only drawback here is that as a night train, there is no place for people to lie down and rest.

Conclusion: if you take this train trip, be sure to bring a SLR camera to shoot the stars at your destination.


Its other name, "Tin Hare," may be more familiar to you. Gulflander is a half-day journey, from Normanton (which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2018) to Croydon, some of Queensland`s most remote, inaccessible, but very beautiful villages.

The whole trip will take you from the wetland, the grassland to the super-dry grassland, and the scenery along the way is quite colorful. The line was opened in 1891, and it arrived from Norman on Wednesday,8:30, and arrived at Croyden four to five hours later.

And every trip is accompanied by a Savannah guide, along the way there are many interesting sites will be explained in detail.

Conclusion: this is an ultra-short train trip, even a one-day trip, even if you can take the time to take part in the weekend.


The 60s classic train took four days to cross the remote web between Keynes and Forsys.

Silver bullets traversed westward along Kuranda range and then turned west to small settlements in Almaden, Einsley, Mount Qishan and Forsyth.

The train is so slow that sometimes drivers even stop to point out what`s going on along the way. Attractions include Chirago`s ancient mining village, Tularu Hot Springs, the Ndalla lava pipeline and the amazing Cobbold Canyon.

* train operates between early March and mid-December, depending on weather and orbit.

Conclusion: this is a super leisure trip, suitable for people who like the scenery of remote areas of Australia, with the elderly may be a good choice.


This line is very famous. The 34-kilometer Kuranda railway, built in the 1880s, is one of the most famous railway travel routes in the world.

Train passes through the majestic Baron Canyon National Park, through 15 tunnels, and it takes 90 minutes to drive from Keynes to Kuranda. There will be stops along the way, and the train will be equipped with a complete explanation.

The whole Kuranda station was decorated with a basket of ferns, close to the village. The afternoon return schedule gives you plenty of time to explore many nearby attractions.

If you want to enjoy a little luxury life, friends can choose to upgrade to the golden level, so that snacks, drinks and waiters will make your journey comfortable Max.

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