Australia has the world's first city, the night sky park, which can enjoy stars.

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In Palm Beach, you can see more than a thousand stars. (network Pictures)Look up at the sky and calculate how many stars you can see. One hundred, fifty, maybe less.

In Palm Beach, you can see more than a thousand stars. (network Pictures)

Look up at the sky and calculate how many stars you can see. One hundred, fifty, maybe less.

Our ancestors could have gazed into the darkness and saw thousands of stars twinkling in the sky at night.

But because of our dependence on electricity, it has laid a blanket on one of the most beautiful landscapes of nature.

But the good news is that nothing has been lost. A woman has made it her goal to do something for the night sky on the northern beach.

According to the Daily Mail, Og (Marnie Ogg), from Trihill (Terrey Hills) is the driving force behind the creation of (Urban Night Sky Park), the world`s first palm beach city night sky park.

According to the International Dark Sky Association (International Dark-Sky Association), urban night sky parks are famous for their excellent viewing of the sky, although they are close to major cities.

"Palm Beach is great," Ms. Oger said. "on a sunny night, you can see 127 stars with the naked eye at the Sydney observatory, and at Palm Beach, you can see more than a thousand stars."

``We want to be able to stay in this state and even more perfect it. ``

In order to obtain the right to create the night sky park, four requirements need to be met: first, the lights in the area must be night sky friendly lights; second, public publicity and education activities should be held at least four times a year; third, the local government must devote itself to night sky lighting; and fourth, the local government must regularly check the lights used in the area.

Palm Beach, with the support of the Northern Beach Council (Northern Beaches Council), is expected to formally acquire the park`s creation rights within the next two years.

So what makes Palm Beach so special?

Because one side is the Pacific Ocean and the other is Kulingei National Park (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park), there is no light pollution here. And because it`s in the suburbs, there are no superfluous neon lights everywhere like restaurants, bars and hotels in Sydney. So the sky here looks spectacular.

"the Milky way is very special in Palm Beach," Ms. Oger said.

In addition to thousands of stars, planets can also be seen at the northernmost end of the peninsula.

"between late August and October, you can see five planets with the naked eye. There are Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and sometimes Uranus."

Ms Oger said the star-watching trip was very popular with the public.

"it`s very popular," she said. "I think part of the reason is that former pop musician and now TV physicist Cox (Brian Cox)., who is known as the next David Attenborough, is in the field of scientific communication."

"he must be very charismatic. But I think there are other reasons that may seem very primitive-because humans need to be connected to the night sky."

"track back until 200 years ago, human entertainment all night was looking up at the sky, even though we are no longer like that."

The right to create the park will ensure that the peninsula produces only limited light pollution.

But it`s not just about building connections to the stars we`re protecting, it`s about Earth as a whole.

Light pollution will affect the level of pollination. Because moths are attracted by artificial light, they are unable to complete the pollination work.

Doctors have also found a link between light pollution and human health.

"For millions of years, the earth has known that after 12 hours of light, it will have a 12-hour night. And suddenly there`s a change in the light, which will have an impact on our health."

``So projects like Palm Beach are very important, `` Ms. Ogger said. (Zhang Ziyao).

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