Australian travel shopping tax rebate introduction, 2019 latest edition.

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Friends who come to Australia will certainly want to know how to refund the tax.

Friends who come to Australia will certainly want to know how to refund the tax.

Shopping in Australia, most of the goods are subject to a 10 per cent commodity tax, abbreviated as GST. If you buy wine, there may be a 14 per cent wine tax, abbreviated as WET. These are taxes on local consumption, so tourists who buy and return home can apply for a refund when they leave the country.

  • The date of purchase of the goods must be 60 days before departure, and the date shall be based on the tax invoice (Tax invoice) issued by the merchant.
  • The price of goods purchased by the same merchant that need to be refunded reaches or exceeds A $300.

Which goods cannot be refunded? 

  • Goods that have been duty-free. You can check the receipt printed by the merchant, which will clearly list how much GST WET is, some items are zero, these items because you have not paid tax, naturally can not refund.
  • Goods for more than 60 days.
  • Gift cards or coupons purchased.
  • Unable to bring dangerous goods on board the plane.
  • An item that has already been used. (cameras, cell phones, clothes, bags, etc.)
  • Service goods, accommodation, travel, car rental and so on.
  • Online shopping goods.

Airport tax refund process 

Tax rebate counters at major Australian international airports are open 24 hours a day and return to the counter on the day of departure. (remind you that most of the time the tax refund counter is too busy and may queue up. In order not to miss the plane, please reserve time for tax refund.)

According to the different nature of the goods, whether it meets the requirements of airport security inspection, the tax refund process can be carried on board the plane, after passing the security inspection at the TRS tax refund counter in the waiting hall; the goods that need to be checked in, the TRS tax refund counter before entering the customs, checked by the Australian customs staff, and stamped on the invoice, can be checked in and checked in. After consignment security inspection, Feng stamped the invoice, and then went to the tax refund counter in the terminal area to deal with the tax refund. To sum up: the goods that need to be checked, go to the TRS counter to check the seal before checking in, then check the luggage, and then take the sealed invoice to deal with the tax refund; do not check the luggage, take your goods inspection tax refund.

Before and after entering and leaving the customs, each has a TRS counter. Before the customs, the staff check the tax refund goods that need to be checked, and then seal the invoice, and the counter after passing through the customs is the only way to deal with the tax refund.

Online Refund&Counter Refund:TRS official APP refund, direct counter refund. TRS official APP rebate does not mean, do not need to go to counter refund, eventually all tax refunds, need to go to the counter, but some uploading materials and other work, can be operated in advance, this can simplify the whole counter tax refund process.

TRS official app rebate: use app, input all receipt in advance, and generate QR code.

APP tax refund steps 

When you open TRS APP, to accept all the terms, you will see a lot of information about tax rebates.

In "My Travel Details" (my travel details), fill in the real personal information.

Add invoices to My Travel Details to fill in the category and amount of items applying for tax refund.

Choose the tax refund method in "My Payment Details" (my payment details)-credit card, Australian bank card, check.

All the instructions agreed in "My Claim" (my application), after which the QR code (QR Code). Will be generated

After completion, with passport, boarding pass, related invoice, QR code (QR Code) through the TRS counter shortcut, you can quickly complete the tax refund.


Each mobile phone APP can only accept up to 10 invoices and generate a QR code (QR Code). At the same time

If you have more than 10 invoices, you can refund them through the computer web page version, which will generate multiple QR code (QR Code). Every 10 invoices are in a group.

All tax rebates cannot be brought back to Australia, otherwise they may be fined or even jailed.

If you choose a credit card, you need to take that card with you when you leave the country.

Refund method and arrival time 

  • Credit card: Amex,Diners,JCB,MasterCard,Visa, is available for about a week.
  • Australian bank card: you need to fill in Account Name, BSB Number, Account Number, for about 1 / 2 weeks.
  • Check: arrive in about February.

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