The epidemic has eased. Where do you want to relax? The old driver knew about the eight small attractions in the suburbs around Sydney

[Life Information]     29 Sep 2020
At the mention of Sydney, Australia's largest metropolis, the first impression you think of is the high-end atmosphere of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, or handsome beauty such as the cloud of Bondi Beach? Buy a shopping resort QVB, or can you eat the Sydney fish market? Do you want to go to Blue Mountain to enjoy the natural scenery, or to the Tarangka Zoo to see the cute baby?

At the mention of Sydney, Australia's largest metropolis, the first impression you think of is the high-end atmosphere of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, or handsome beauty such as the cloud of Bondi Beach? Buy a shopping resort QVB, or can you eat the Sydney fish market? Do you want to go to Blue Mountain to enjoy the natural scenery, or to the Tarangka Zoo to see the cute baby?

But as a backpacker who likes to travel in depth, or as a monk who has spent at least three or four years here, or as a new immigrant who has settled here, it is too Low to talk about Sydney's fun or just say the big road goods above.

Below, let Australia worry-free net small editor to recommend a few few people (at least Chinese) know, hidden in our side of the secret scenic spots, no longer worry about weekends and festivals no place to go.

1. sunken forest (SS Ayrfield Shipwreck) 

The sunken forest is an abandoned merchant ship in Hombush Bay (Homebush Bay), Wentworth Point in the west. The ship was moored here in 1972, because it grew a dense oasis, and formed a strong contrast with the bustling city of reinforced concrete on the shore. Even if the photography level is not good, It is easier to shoot very high photo, thus becoming the network celebrities competing to punch points. Of course, boarding is impossible, enjoy it far from the shore.

About how to shoot good photo can refer to reading:


2. Haiya Bridge (Sea Cliff Bridge) 

Haiya Bridge in fact has long been famous, not very cold, but the surrounding friends asked has not been much. In fact, it is located on the way from Sydney to Wolong Gang (Wollonglong), but we usually go to Wolong Gang to set up navigation must be the whole M1 high speed, so we do not pass by.

Haiya Bridge side is a cliff, one side is the Pacific Ocean, very spectacular, open the bridge immediately there is a viewing platform, can stop and then walk up the bridge, blowing sea breeze to take photos. In fact, I prefer the section of the road near the bridge, all winding Panshan Road, good road conditions, less vehicles, the music volume to the maximum, and then the windows are rolled down, with speed for a little happy, nothing trouble!


3. Auburn Botanical Garden (Auburn Botanic Gardens) 

Auburn Botanical Garden's signature is the Japanese garden in the garden, a real Japanese garden, red arch, wooden arch bridge, stream water, koi, peacock, except Doraemon and Kumamoto bear, A can be said to gather almost all the Japanese elements you can think of. From mid-August to early September, the Japanese garden will turn into a pink sea of cherry blossoms, and the Botanical Garden's "Cherry Blossom Festival" will be held at this time. The traditional Japanese culture and modern culture will be combined to show western audiences, such as sumo, flower path, too drum, cosplay、 and Japanese pop music performances.


4.Cowra Japanese Garden (Cowra Japanese Garden) 

Another Japanese garden, but far away, takes about 4 hours to drive one way ,300 kilometers from Sydney Cowra (Cowra), suitable for two days on weekends.

Compared with the Japanese garden in Auburn Garden, which simply represents the friendship between Australia and Japan, this Japanese garden has a heavy historical significance.

After the end of World War II, Cowran, as Australia's main prisoner of war camp, imprisoned nearly 20,000 prisoners of war from the Axis countries, including Germany, Italy, and Japan, who had surrendered, including about 1,100 Japanese prisoners of war. The Australians treated Japanese prisoners of war more humanely and did not have any abuse. However, due to language barriers and war hatred, the relationship between the two parties was still very tense. Until August 1944, the Allied forces considered transferring other than Japanese non-commissioned officers. The Japanese soldiers went to a new prisoner-of-war camp 400 miles away. The news was learned by the Japanese. They believed that the Allies deliberately separated their officers and soldiers and prepared them to accept worse treatment, so they overcome the fear of separation. Fear of machine guns, all Japanese prisoners of war planned and implemented an escape.

In the early morning of August 5, 1944, the prison escape was officially launched. More than a thousand Japanese prisoners of war armed with knifes, spoons, baseball bats and other weapons, shouted "Long live the Emperor" and rushed out of the cell. Two guards were killed by the Japanese prisoners on the spot. , The prisoners of war physically withstood other guards' machine guns, pulled down the barbed wire desperately and successfully escaped. Statistics later showed that a total of 565 Japanese prisoners of war escaped. Except for some of them committed suicide, most of them were later captured.

The escape resulted in 231 Japanese prisoners of war and 4 Australians death ,Cowra the Japanese Garden and Cultural Center, a typical Japanese style garden opened in 1979, with carefully trimmed garden vegetation, two lakes, and Edo bungalow showing a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The attached cultural center can see a lot of Japanese floating paintings. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere and the and rain of the year formed a sharp contrast, but also remind people of peace and happiness. rent a voice navigator and visitors will learn how these buildings, garden vegetation are designed and the story behind them.


Lake 5.(Figure 8Pool) 

The eight-character Lake is located in the Royal National Park (Royal National Park), named for its unique shape. Nature's ingenuity has created its beautiful appearance Arab the number "8", and the outer edge of the pool is the boundless sea, full of force. For a while in the Ins of the fire. Even suitable for quiet lying in the pool Pose concave shape, but also as a small swimming pool, jump down a toss.

But both face and fun eight-character lake, want to go once can not be easy.

First of all, only when the tide can go, when the high tide is covered by the sea, nothing can be seen, so to check the tide in advance, the search site is:

Second, the eight-character lake deep in the boudoir, from the parking lot down at least a 2.5 to 3 hours of rugged rock road to reach, let's see:

On the other side of the gate, there is a sign that says "Coast Walk", follow the directions to the left Burning Palms Beach. go through the jungle, come to a wide boundary, you can vaguely see the Burning Palms beach, then go on until you see" Coast Track"(take care not to turn left), then turn right to the beach. After arriving at the beach, it is necessary to cross the rock area on the right hand side to finally reach the eight-character Lake. The whole journey is about 2.5 hours. If the weekend does not go early, Garrawarra Farm will have no parking space, can only park on the roadside, or nearby parking lot to walk again, but will need about half an hour more walk.

If this doesn't scare you, congratulations, you have a chance to see it, but be sure to be safe when playing, because it's close to the sea, and there's often news of people getting hurt and even killed when waves hit shore. So be careful when you play.


6. Mowbray Park Farm (Mowbray Park Farmstay) 

At Mowbray Park Farm, located in Picton,, it takes about an hour and a half to drive from Sydney. It is a close-distance farmhouse suitable for children's parents and children. There are all kinds of performances such as shearing wool, milking milk, sheepdog training, riding a tractor, and so on. Children can get in close contact with gentle animals and ride a pony. In short, a day passed, adults are not tired of children happy, why not do. There is also a good farm and accommodation services, can live in the farm's own hotel, although it is Nongjiale but decoration and service can not be vague oh, at night with the whole family out to count the stars, there is enough warmth!

Booking website:


7. Roadway Bay National Park (Lane Cove National Park) 

Australia's national parks are generally far and deserted, but roadway Bay National Park is the exception. This is a national park in the city. It's about 20 minutes from the CBD. The area is not very large, is a real quiet place in the middle of the scene.

A lot of things can be done in laneway bay national park, common cycling, barbecue, picnic, camping, here, because laneway bay river (Lane Cove River) through the park, boating on the river is also a very popular activity, can bring their own boat, nearby professional companies to provide charter services, but the most famous here is hiking, Sydney's "hiking shrine" reputation, Sydney hiking enthusiasts should not have been here. There are two official hiking routes in the park: the more difficult is to extend the Great North Walk, to the national park, in the park about 10 kilometers one-way journey, suitable for hiking veteran; the other is more relaxed ,5 km one-way, along the way to see many unique Australian birds, such as parrots, kookaburra, egrets, and ancient buildings inhabited by aboriginal people.




8. Terangha West Plains Zoo (Taronga Western Plains Zoo) 

Another Taranga Zoo, but far more than Sydney's Taranga Zoo, in Dabo (Dubbo), it takes about 400 kilometers to drive from Sydney. It's impossible to think of a one-day trip, but two days a weekend can be done.

The name shows that the Taranga West Plain Zoo and the Taranga Zoo Mosman the rich area on the north shore of Sydney Harbour are blood relationship, but their styles are very different. The Taranga in Sydney feels exquisite and exquisite, like a small jade in a boudoir, while the Taranga West Plain Zoo in Dabo presents a masculine, wild, heroic, and must be described as the governor with Gatlin.

Why, first of all, it's a huge giant in the zoo, covering a full 300 hectares, so the zoo simply allows tourists to drive in, basically getting out of the car, looking at animals, continuing to drive, looking at animals, it's rare, and if you don't drive, you can rent a bicycle or an electric golf cart at the zoo gate; Second, the animals in the western plains zoo in taranga are different from those in sydney. This is australia's most african zoo. In addition to the common kangaroos and koalas, there are also african elephants, rhinos, giraffes, african lions, hippos, mongooses, antelopes, horned horses, lemurs and other animals that can be seen in africa. If you look at koalas and kangaroos, you might as well come here to feel the ten thousand customs of african grasslands!

Finally, the zoo provides accommodation, and sleeping around a group of African beasts is a rare experience, although the price is not so approachable.



All recommended attractions can be found directly by Google Maps searching their English names. Whether they are driving or taking a bus, they will give you a clear guide. This is a basic skill in Australia. So small editor in the text is no longer verbose to tell you how to go oh.

Well, after seeing so many talented people to know the cold scenic spots in Sydney, are you a little eager to try it? Hurry, the next sunny weekend, about three or five friends, together to punch it.

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