Kunzhou used to be abandoned, Chinese-funded resort became a ghost city.

[Free Tour]     08 Jul 2019
Damaged South Mer Island.(Whitsundays), a former tourist destination and a successful example of Australian tourism, has been abandoned and plunged into chaos.

Damaged South Mer Island.

(Whitsundays), a former tourist destination and a successful example of Australian tourism, has been abandoned and plunged into chaos.

The once-luxurious resort has been completely destroyed and hotels, bars and restaurants are increasingly abandoned, according to a 60-minute program report on the Ghost Resort in the Jiangling Islands, the No. 9 News Network reported.

Half of the 30 resorts along and near the coast of Kunzhou have been closed. Resorts on pristine beaches have been idle for nearly a decade and show no sign of recovery.

``You can see the extent of damage here, `` Captain Bracan, a resident of the Downing Islands, told the<60 minutes>Journalist Wooley.

He said the remnants of the (South Molle Island) resort on South Moore were like "cracked house," with destroyed hotel rooms covered with broken wood and glass.

Hurricane Debbie (Debbie) swept through South Moore in 2017, causing great damage.

Shortly after the hurricane, a Chinese company bought the island, but the island has been in disrepair ever since.

Also abandoned is the (Club Med) family resort of Club Med Bali, France, on (Lindeman Island), Linderman Island, which has been uninhabited for nearly 10 years. The island, which was hit by Hurricane Assi (Yasi) in 2011, has never returned to its former glory.

Climate change`s growing threat and international vacation habits have made buyers and developers reluctant to invest money or resources in repairing the Jiangling Islands.

Many Australian vacationers choose to go abroad because of the low price of air tickets to other parts of the world and their addiction to foreign selfies.

Local residents and resort owners told 60 minutes magazine that the Jiangling Islands had been abandoned and became a veritable paradise lost.

(Dunk Island), Dunke Island, which was destroyed by Hurricane Assi eight years ago, was a jewel on the (Great Barrier Reef) crown of the Great Barrier Reef. Now the island`s owner, Bond (Adam Bond), is eager to sell it.

"it`s going to be a sad day," Bond told Wooley. "but sometimes you have to get out of your emotions and make tough business decisions."

The resort owners and local residents are eager to be able to fix and re-open the resort and hope that the recovery of the tourism will make the Dailing Islands a preferred resort for Australia and international tourists. (Zheng Peiping)

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