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[Free Tour]     2019-07-20
If you want to know someone, you can read what he wrote, flip through the photo he left behind, and go the way he walks.

If you want to know someone, you can read what he wrote, flip through the photo he left behind, and go the way he walks.

But if you want to know a city, you must go to the museum here.

What`s on display there is a story you can`t see in the streets.

There are more than 30 museums large and small in Sydney, some of which have a history of more than 100 years! Take advantage of the school holiday, take your bear children around the museum, some museums are still free admission.

New South Wales Art Museum 

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The New South Wales Art Museum is actually one of the three largest art galleries in Australia, founded in 1874. This historic art gallery shows the best works of art in Australia, including works of art from all periods in Australia, as well as works of art from Europe and Asia. The three most important art awards in the art world are held each year, and the winning works are also on display here.

This is one of the editor`s favorite museums! The permanent exhibition hall and most of the temporary exhibitions are free of charge, and there are often art boutiques from all over the world to come here for exhibition!

You can hang out in there all day!

You who like art works must not miss it!

Tickets: free

Opening hours: daily 10am~5pm (Wednesday to 9pm), closed for Christmas and Easte

Address: Art Gallery Rd, The Domain, Sydney, NSW 2000

Web site: http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au

Power Museum 

Powerhouse Museum

The Power Museum, a museum that uses the shell of an old power station, is located at the Ultimo power station next to Darling Harbour, Australia`s largest museum, which occupies the entire space of the old power plant brick house.

Here is a collection of a variety of scientific, technical, design and decorative arts, engineering, architecture, medical and health exhibits. From the most primitive carriages to the most advanced engines, you can see here that most of the display content and object devices can almost participate in interaction or games.

Due to the spatial advantages of previous power stations, the inherent principles of train and capsule and many heavy machinery can be fully demonstrated.

There are 12 permanent exhibitions in the museum

There will also be a variety of temporary exhibitions, performances, seminars and forums, etc.

And a lot of interesting science Mini Game,

Such a rich activity, do not hurry to experience it in person!

Tickets: adult $15 / discount $8 / children under 16 years of age free

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10: 00 17: 00

Address: CBD 500 Harris St, Ultimo

Web site: https://maas.museum/powerhouse-museum

Sydney Museum 

Museum of Sydney

The Sydney Museum, located in the centre of CBD, was originally the first Governor`s House in Australia.

1788. We can see that the yellow brick wall is the original part of the construction of the Government House. As the most important museum in Sydney, it records the whole process of Sydney from scratch. The museum is divided into three floors, several theme pavilions in the museum, explaining the early history of Sydney, the local Yula aborigines and the early European history.

Tickets: adult $12 / discount $8

Opening hours: 10: 00 from Monday to Sunday.

Address: CBD Phillip St & Bridge Street

Web site: https://sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/museum-of-sydney

Australian Museum 

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is the largest museum of natural history in Australia. Founded in 1827, it is the first museum in Australia. It has a longer history than the Sydney Museum!

Its original name was the Colony Trail Blazers Museum, which was renamed in 1929. The Australian Museum has a wide range of popular science education programs, with about 80,000 students enrolled in a variety of courses each year, including popular science movies, microscopic specimens and field trips, as well as educational centers for students to attend classes here.

The educational display area of various native birds, insects, mammals and other animal and animal samples, stones, fossils and ores, as well as the huge dinosaurs skeleton!

This is definitely one of the most worthy museums in Australia.

Tickets: adult $15 / discount $8 / children under 16 years of age free

Opening hours: 9 / 30 / 17 / 00 from Monday to Sunday

Address: 1 William St, Sydney NSW 2010

Web site: https://australianmuseum.net.au

Australian Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum


The Australian National Maritime Museum (Australian National Maritime Museum; ANMM), located on the west coast of (Darling Harbor), a love port, was founded in 1991 as a federally administered maritime museum and the only of the six national museums that is not located in the capital.

In 2010, Britain`s Sunday The Times listed it as one of the 10 coolest museums in the world. The architecture of the museum is like the roof of a sail. The most attractive thing is the ships moored outdoors, all of which have stories behind them. Visitors can board the ships to visit the interior and experience the mysteries of these ancient warship machines on the spot.

It has to be mentioned here that the museum`s" three-ship ", the Onslow Onset, the Vampire vampire destroyer and the James Craig James Craig, are three retired ships, of which the Vampire is the last large gunboat of the Royal Australian Navy.

The museum introduces Australia`s interconnectedness with the ocean according to different themes, from aboriginal Islander culture to surfing, from commercial navigation to naval ships.

Open hours: 9: 30am~5:00pm per day (January to 6:00pm)

Address: 2 Murray St, Sydney NSW 2000

Web site: http://www.anmm.gov.au

Australian currency Museum 

Museum of Australian Currency Notes

Reserve Bank of Australia is a museum that is open to visitors free of charge. The collection has a large number of memory-worthy currencies and securities, including Australia`s first note, the first coin, etc., with a rich history of history, where it is possible to understand the history of the development of Australia`s finances.

Over the years, the banknotes we have used have all kinds of human, animal and plant patterns. What exactly do these patterns mean? In-depth exploration, there will be a lot of interesting history and stories behind it. It turns out that through money, you can also understand a period of history of different periods.

If you currency collector, then you should come here for a pilgrimage, a lot of the currency on display here, are priceless currency alone ah!

Tickets: free

Opening hours: 8 / 30 / 16 / 00 from Monday to Friday

Address:CBD65MartinPl, Sydney

Web site: https://museum.rba.gov.au

Sydney Tramway Museum 

Sydney Tramway Museum

The Sydney Tram Museum is the largest trolley museum in the southern hemisphere of Australia and the ancient trolley museum, which opens only two days a week, displaying all ages and styles of trolleys collected from all over Australia, looking at it as if it were traveling back and forth for the hundred years of Sydney from 1861 to 1961!

Tickets: adult $18 / discount $12 / Children $10 / Preschool free

Opening hours: Wednesday: 10: 00 15: 00; Sunday: 10: 00 16: 30.

Address: Cnr Rawson Avenue & Pitt Street, Loftus


Nicholson Museum 

Nicholson Museum

Located in a corner of the University of Sydney, the Nicholson Museum shows many ancient legacies in human history.

The museum was established in 1860 and has an area of only three rooms, but sparrow is the largest collection of ancient cultural relics in Australia and even in the southern hemisphere, although it is small and has a wide range of internal organs. The Nicholson Museum contains not only 3000-year-old Egyptian mummies, but also artifacts from Greece, Italy, Israel and northern Europe. In terms of its treasures, it can definitely be called Sydney`s best museum.

Tickets: free

Open from 10: 00 to 16: 00 on Mondays to Fridays and 12:00 to 16: 00 on Sundays

Address: Quadrangle A14, The University of Sydney

Web site: http://sydney.edu.au/museums

Museum of Human Diseases 

Museum of Human Disease

The Museum of Human Diseases, located at the University of New South Wales, is the only medical pathology collection museum in Australia that is open to the public. As a museum of pathology, it has a collection of more than 2000 human tissue specimens for scientific research, each with a clinical history and a small number of precious specimens with a history of more than a hundred years, for the public to understand health, disease, human anatomy and biology. Visitors can watch and learn about infectious diseases, as well as diseases related to heredity and lifestyle. If you want to seek stimulation, then this is the perfect place to stimulate the senses, throat, intestines, tumors, and even crazy intestinal worms.

Tickets: half price for adult Au$10, children

Open from 15:00 to 17: 00 Monday to Friday

地址: UNSW Ground Floor Samuels Building (UNSW Map F25), Chancellery Walk near Gate 9 High St, Randwick NSW 2052

Tel: (02) 9385 1522)

Old Customs Building 

Customs House

The Customs Building Museum is an important historical heritage left behind during the European colonial period, and the building itself is a witness to history.

The museum details Australian history since the first fleet of European colonists landed.

The exterior wall of the building was designed as a screen with a beautiful laser telling the history of the city. In the evening, the square in front of the customs building also has a variety of wonderful performances, so that tourists and passers-by stop to watch.

Tickets: free

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8: 00 24 / 00; Saturday: 10: 00 / 24: 00; Sunday: 11: 00 / 17: 00

Address: 31 Alfred St, Sydney

Web site: https://www.sydneycustomshouse.com.au

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