Hand - in - hand teaches you to easily apply for an Australian transit visa.

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With a Chinese passport, transit at the Australian airport, whether or not you enter the country or stay for a few hours, you also have to apply for a...

With a Chinese passport, transit at the Australian airport, whether or not you enter the country or stay for a few hours, you also have to apply for a transit visa! This usually occurs on trips through Australia to New Zealand or the Cook Islands, where I read a post saying that the whole trip had come to an end because of the absence of an Australian transit signature.

Focus: Australia requires cross-border visas for all passengers who transfer from Australia (of course, except for visa-free countries, but China`s mainland is not on the transit visa-free list). In addition, holding a Hong Kong passport for no more than eight hours is not necessary to apply for a cross-border signature.

About the Australian transit sign 

—— Transit Visa ——

Australian transit visa (visa category 771):

However, whenever you transfer through Australia for a stay of (1 ≤ 72) hours, you must apply for a transit visa (visa category 771).

This visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 72 hours and then must leave Australia.

No fee is required to apply for an Australian transit visa, but more information (12 pages) and supporting documents are also required. A ticket itinerary and a valid visa to the destination are required.

The official processing time is: 75% of applications: 9 days; 90% of applications: 19 days. I personally tested the processing time is 4 days, Monday afternoon to submit the application, Friday morning received the email signed.

Hand in hand to teach you to apply for an Australian transit sign 

—— How to get it?  ——

As of July 1, 2018, transit visa applications must be submitted online through the Australian Department of Internal Affairs ImmiAccount.

The visa center no longer receives paper application materials for transit visas.

Copy the following web site to access the transit visa (Transit visa) page directly:


If Tips: does not like the English interface, you can press the "web translation" in the upper right corner to switch to the Chinese interface; if this button does not appear in the upper right corner, a refresh will appear. )

Then press "Apply" in the lower right corner to enter the application page:

1. Register a ImmiAccount account:

Tick "read and agree to clause"

2, start step by step into the fill-in page

3. Fill in the passport information (in order not to translate one by one, I intercept the Chinese interface)

Fill in the ID card information,

In the "identification number" do not know what to fill in, change back to the English interface, instantly clear, is the ID card numbe

4. Confirm the key information:

5. Fill in contact information:

The Chinese translation on page 6 did not read clearly and switched to the English interface, meaning: whether or not to authorize immigration agencies or third parties to receive emails. Select No and send it directly to the applicant`s email address.

7. fill in the flight information for transit (according to the actual ticket). If you need to cross the border more than once, select Yes below, and then add the transit details.

8. Health declaration, all "NO"

9. Crime information, all "NO"

10. Visa history. I wrote a visa for my destination in New Zealand.

11. Transit declaration, all "YES"

12, declare, all "YES"

13, preview, check, fill in the information is correct:

14. upload files:

(note: file names can only be named after English letters and numbers, and file names will not be uploaded too long)

15, after verifying that the email address is correct, click submit

16, complete, the fee is 0, and so on.

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