Where's the largest island of Australia, Tasmania, and the First Nations?

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Some say there is a large island in the south-east of every continent. It is also true of the map, such as the island of Cuba, the island of Cuba, the...

Some say there is a large island in the south-east of every continent. It is also true of the map, such as the island of Cuba, the island of Cuba, the island of Isa----------------------------------------------------------------------- A Greek island of Crete was also barely in the southeast of Europe. South-South Asia, South-South Asia, has a Sri Lankan island in the southeast of the Russian Far East, with the world`s third largest island in the south-east of the medium-south peninsula.

The world`s smallest continent, Oceania, has a large island in the southeast of mainland, Australia, that is Tasmania. The island of Tasmania is also entirely in Australia because of the fact that Oceania is a country entirely in Australia. MAINLAND, Australia, is not considered an island, and Tasmania is the largest island in Australia.

The southeast of mainland, australia, has a victoria, the capital of australia`s second largest city of melbourne. Melbourne is on the Bass Channel, south of the Bass Channel is Tasmania. The north end of Tasmania is about 240 kilometers from Melbourne, the only island state in Australia, and a small, provincial unit in Australia. Tasmania is the main part of the Tasmania, including the Golden Island in the northwest of the main island, the island of Flinders in the northeast of the main island, and some other small islands.

Tasmania is a relatively small island because it faces 7.69 million square kilometers of mainland in australia.

Tasmania`s shape is very characteristic, like a beating heart. So Tasmania has a very loud title _ world heart or heart island. In addition, Tasmania is relatively close to Antarctica and is also known as the end of the world, with a straight distance of about 2500 km from the South Pole.

The terrain of Tasmania is relatively simple: the middle is high, the surrounding coastal area is the plain, and the Osaan Mountain is the highest peak of Tasmania, with an elevation of 1617 meters. Tasmania has rich forest resources and water resources, and Tasmania has lived happily on the island until 1642 AD.

This year, the Dutch adventurer, Tasman, "find" Tasmania. Mr. Tasman named the island with the head of the Dutch East Indian company, for the reason that Mr. van-Dimen offered to sponsor Tasman`s departure from the sea. More than a hundred years later, after the British built Sydney on the southeast of Australia, the French found the French attempt to land Tasmania, making a decision right away. The decision is that the United Kingdom has drawn the prisoners of Norfolk to the island of Fandimen (1856, and the island of Fandimen to Tasmania), saying that this is the home of you. Let`s work, boys.

The "a young man" are very hard to find that the island has indigenous Tasmanian people and their "to contend for" of living space, which is simple.

The Tasmania, who was living in Tasmania, had some 6,000 people and was still in the early stage of the primitive social communes system. Needless to say, the weapons are very backward, almost all of which are sticks and stone tools. The man in the UK was a hot weapon, and the white-white British white began a large-scale killing of the Tasmania. It lasted for decades and, as of 1835, the Tasmania left some 200 people, and all of the white to the desolate Flint Island. After more than four decades, the last of the Tasmanian people died in 1876. From then on, the white people completed the complete possession of Tasmania and became the new Tasmania.

The new Tasmanians, in addition to whites, are descendants of Chinese. Tasmania is rich in mineral resources, but because the island`s population is too small and the labor force is not enough, the British put their ideas on the Chinese. In the second half of the 19th century (1801-1900), Britain recruited workers in the Qing Dynasty, coaxing and deceiving many Chinese by boat to Tasmania to engage in mining.

Tasmania is an Australian, but they are not very close because of the distance between Tasmania and Australia`s Mainland. For example, the Tasmanian (white) name is another island for Australia`s mainland. It means that Australia is no better than Tasmania, and Tasmania is an island, but Australia is just a bigger island. The "to be in a state of no one`s" of Tasmania, coupled with the rich tourism resources of Tasmania, can attract a large number of visitors each year. In particular, tourists in our country are very popular with Tasmania.


In addition to making money on tourism, Tasmania is also very developed. Such as fishing. Tasmania has a very fertile land for fishing in the area of Tasmania, with many apples on the island and Tasmania also known as the "Apple, I.".

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