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Perth man beat police dog on the head, police launched carpet search
Dode had escaped detention at least twice. (picture of Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Lottery revealed the place of purchase of the 150 million Award, and the winner was called a rich man overnight.
The winners split the first prize of A $150 million, which means they can each receive A $50 million. (photo No. 9)
300000 Australian Youth parade calls for Climate change threat Earth
Friday`s global climate strike parade became the largest nationwide parade since the protest Iraq War parade. (picture of Sydney Herald Morning Herald...
Melbourne launches "careful little guy" ad to warn parents
Mo City "watch out for the little guy" series of ads show a sad trolley rolled down from the platform, warning parents to be careful. (picture of Dail...
British women travel to Australia to celebrate their birthday, just arrived in Tazhou and died of car accident
At 08:15 on Thursday night, a car accident. Occurred at the junction of (Argyle Street) on Hubart Agael Street and (Collins Street) on Collins Street....
Tuao daily! The car rolled over for weeks to avoid kangaroos
Scene of the accident (photo No. 7)For Australian girls (Kayley Horstman) and Tate (Sarah Tate), it was an ordinary trip through the countryside of so...
Australian police may use new equipment, spider-man lasso guns
BolaWrap 100 sets of cable guns (photo No. 9)Australian police are testing a Spider-Man device that can fire ropes and entangle suspects.
The 150 million strong ball award fell to three lucky people
Brisbane winning man is the first to sign up for the award (Australian Broadcasting Corporation Photo)
Accident! Kunzhou men fishing, pull up the hook is a crocodile
(source: daily Mail)Earlier this month, a fisherman caught a crocodile while pulling up a hook in (Northern Queensland) Wilpa (Wiepa), northern Queens...
The body was found on Perth Highway early in the morning, and pedestrians were hit by a car crash.
One person was killed in a car accident in Perth early Thursday morning when a car hit him. (picture of Daily Mail)