Great Barrier Reef Day Tour - Sunlover Cruise from Cairns

Depart From Cairns to Discover Moore Reef, an Underwater Paradise Filled With Brilliant Corals

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What To Expect

  • See the beauty and grandeur of the Great Barrier Reef with a scenic Cairns helicopter flight (optional)

  • Enjoy all kind of water activities on the new deluxe activity pontoon at stunning Moore Reef for 4 hours

  • Designed for all  ages  and abilities  to experience the magic of the reef in comfort

  • Curb your hunger throughout the day with tropical buffet lunch

Discover the wonders of The Great Barrier Reef with a 4-hour water experience aboard the new deluxe activity pontoon at beautiful Moore Reef. Explore the rich underwater world of the largest living thing on Earth, which is actually visible from outerspace, and home to millions of species of colourful fish, molluscs and starfish, turtles, dolphins and sharks. From Cairns Marina, you'll depart for Fitzroy Island which you'll board the Sunlover cruise boat to take you to the beautiful Moore Reef. As you arrive at the reef and board the pontoon, you are free to do and experience any water activity available. You can go snorkeling, try the theme-park waterslide, go on the semi-sumbersible tour, glass bottom boat tour, or perhaps hop on a helicopter ride for a magnificent bird's-eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. Taste the delicious tropical buffet lunch aboard the pontoon, which will definitely make you full as you go try the different activities. This tour is simply the best way to experience the beautiful Austrailian reef with your family and friends.

Enclosed and shallow kids pool is fantastic for young children to make a splash!

Swim with the fish in the reef with your complete snorkelling equipment great barrier reef cruise from cairns

Enjoy a delicious tropical buffet lunch aboard the pontoon

See the Great Barrier Reef in a bird's eye view when you go on a 10-minute helicopter ride

Walk down a set of stairs and find yourself in the world's most impressive natural 'fish tank'

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Go by Helicopter & Return by Boat
$496 $475 AUD  ≈  ¥2280 Yuan
Child (3-12)
$496 $475 AUD  ≈  ¥2280 Yuan
Infant (0-1)
Go by Boat & Return by Helicopter
$496 $475 AUD  ≈  ¥2280 Yuan
Child (3-12)
$496 $475 AUD  ≈  ¥2280 Yuan
Infant (0-1)
Go & Return by Helicopter
$895 $833.3 AUD  ≈  ¥3999.84 Yuan
Child (3-12)
$895 $833.3 AUD  ≈  ¥3999.84 Yuan
Infant (0-1)
Go & Return by Boat with 10 Minutes Helicopter
$377 $369.9 AUD  ≈  ¥1775.52 Yuan
Child (3-12)
$294 $258.5 AUD  ≈  ¥1240.8 Yuan
Infant (0-1)
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