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Ball's Pyramid

Ball's Pyramid, Australia

Introduction of Ball's Pyramid

Ball's Pyramid (Ball's Pyramid, is located on the (Tasman Sea) ocean surface of the Tasman Sea east of mainland, Australia, about 600km from mainland, Australia, and about 20km from (Lord Howe Island), the World Natural Heritage site assessed by UNESCO, which is administrative part of New South Wales.

Ball's Pyramid is a sea rock made up of igneous rocks, formed by the erosion of shield volcanoes 6.4 million years ago. 562m high, it is the tallest sea erosion column in the world, about 1110 meters long and about 300m wide. It is covered with cliffs and little vegetation, just like a pyramidal standing in the sea, accompanied by only a few small sea rocks nearby, and a huge rock goes straight into the sky from a distance from the sea. It was amazing to rush out of the deep blue sea.

According to historical records, Ball's Pyramid was discovered in 1788 by the Royal Navy led by Henry Ligubert (Henry Lidgbird Ball), so it was named "Boer". The first human landing was completed nearly a hundred years later, by Australian geologist Henry Wilkinson (Henry Wilkinson), and on February 14, 1965, members of (Sydney Rock Climbing Club), the Sydney climbing society, successfully attacked the summit for the first time.

In order to protect Ball's Pyramid's precious geological and natural environment, Australia's government currently forbids anyone from landing on the island, so, Ball's Pyramid can only watch and play from afar for tourists. On Earl of Honor Island, tourists can take a cruise ship to enjoy Ball's Pyramid, from nearby. I believe such a spectacular view will certainly be memorable.

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Australia - New South Wales
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