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Kangaroo Valley is a valley town in the (The City of Shoalhaven) interior of the eastern Shorthaven region, about 160km north from Sydney, the capital of New South Wales.

Kangaroo Valley lies in the rolling southern mountains, with vast rainforests, small towns and surrounding valleys full of rolling pastures, herds of cattle and sheep, kangaroos, and a pleasant night's stay. The weekend holiday is easy to overfill. Kangaroo Valley used to be full of kangaroos. With the development of the area, there are more and more tourists. It's hard for Kangaroo Valley to see the kangaroos, and the kangaroo is out there. Built in 1898, the Hampton Bridge (Hampden Bridge), is one of Kangaroo Valley's landmarks and the only remaining suspension bridge in the colonial New South Wales era.

One of Sydney's holiday resorts is the Kangaroo Valley area, with its idyllic scenery far from the bustle of the city, where it breathes the freshest air and views the spectacular greenery of Sydney's citizens.

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