Flying Fish Cove

Introduction of Flying Fish Cove

Flying Fish Cove is the largest residential settlement and government site on Christmas Island (Christmas Island), with a permanent population of about 600.

Christmas Island is one of Australia's overseas territories, located in Australia's northwest Indian Ocean, near Jawwa Island, before 1958 is the territory of Singapore, is one of the world's few Chinese-dominated areas except China, an area of 135 square kilometers, the resident population of about 2000 people.

Flying Fish Cove is located in the northeast of christmas island, the town has been settled since 1888, named after the british survey ship flying fish (Flying-Fish), which first arrived here.

Flying Fish Cove is the main distribution center of christmas island tourism, the town hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets and other commercial facilities are complete, there is a small port for tourists to provide yacht sightseeing services, but also in the nearby beach leisure diving. Christmas Island Airport (Christmas Island Airport) is located in the south of Flying Fish Cove.

Visitor centre of Flying Fish Cove

  • Addr: Christmas Island Visitor Centre, Christmas Island 6798, Christmas Island
  • Tel: +61 8 9164 8382
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