The second wave of outbreaks in Virginia increased to 7642 cases nationwide

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[Social News]     28 Jun 2020
The deputy chief medical officer, Fan Demen, is deeply concerned about the recent surge in newly diagnosed cases in the state of Virginia ,41 cases of Coronavirus infection, and the addition of six new cases in the state, bringing the total number of cases in the country since the outbreak to 7642, death the number is still 104. Both the Federation and the states and territories are deeply concern...


The huge increase of 41 cases of Coronavirus infection in the state of Virginia, together with the addition of 6 new cases in the new state, has brought the total number of cases in the country since the outbreak to 7642, and the number of death remains 104. Both the Federation and the states and territories are deeply concerned about the second wave of outbreaks in Virginia, especially the new states that have been opening their borders to them.

A total of 3174 new states. The state rose sharply to 1988, and if the recent trend increases, tomorrow's figures will likely break the 2000 mark. There were still 1067 cases in Queensland. Western Australia maintained 608 cases. South Australia was stable at 440 cases. There were 228 cases in Tazhou. The capital territory is 108 cases. The Northern Territory has been controlled in 29 cases for quite some time.

Virginia announced this afternoon that 41 new cases of Coronavirus infection were detected, and the health sector is strengthening large-scale house-to-house testing of 10 hot spots in Melbourne.

Vandimen (Annaliese van Diemen), the state's deputy chief medical officer, released another 41 cases of Coronavirus infection on saturday, the largest single-day day in nearly three months, after announcing 33 new cases on thursday and 30 on friday.

Among the 41 newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases, she said ,15 were suspected to be community infections, but the source of the infection was unknown. Eight cases were associated with newly detected community infections. Thirteen cases were detected in routine tests. Eight cases were returned overseas to the hotel for isolation. Sources of infection in 19 cases are under investigation.

"It is clear that we are extremely concerned about this, and that is why we have increased our efforts to identify the real source of infection in most cases ," Dr. Vandimen said. "

"Indeed, we are very concerned about this. "

Six additional cases of community infection in 70 cases in Xinzhou


The New State Department of Health announced at noon today that six new cases of COVID-19virus infection, including a 70-year-old man in the Penris (Penrith) district in the western suburb of Sydney, had been a record 23,733 tests in the 24-hour period ending 8pm last night. The remaining five were returning from overseas trips and were being quarantined at the hotel.

A total of 3174 cases of Coronavirus infection were reported in Xinzhou. There are still 58 patients in the hospital, but no one needs to be placed in the re-diagnosis ward.

The Department of Health said Saturday that all people who had close contact with the old Penris had been contacted by the health department and the source of the infection was still under investigation.

A record of 15,278 Coronavirus tests a day earlier in the state.

10 more days in New State after returning overseas

Meanwhile, states government disagree on how to manage thousands of people who returned from overseas to be quarantined at hotels and refused to accept virus tests.

A national cabinet meeting yesterday agreed to take tougher measures to stop thousands of people returning from overseas trips who refused to test, possibly bringing virus into the community.

To this end, the new state authorities said today, if returned from overseas travel into the new state refused to accept the test virus, will be isolated in the hotel longer. For those arriving from overseas in Sydney who refuse COVID-19virus testing on the 10th day of the 14-day isolation period at the hotel, an additional 10 days will be required.

In the state, only 2% of those returning from overseas travel refused to be tested during hotel isolation. But in Virginia, up to 30 percent, or as many as 5400 people, refused to accept virus tests.

However, Dr. Vandimen today expressed concern, but said that so far, the latest confirmed cases, has not found any cases of community infection, with these refused to test, after the end of the hotel isolation period returned to the community of overseas travelers.

Virginia government has so far failed to impose mandatory testing on those returning from overseas trips, requiring them to be released after 14 days of hotel isolation. Today, however, it confirmed that it was listening to law advisers and wished to know whether it could force returnees abroad to undergo virus testing.

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