Melbourne police officers were attacked on patrol in the early hours of the morning, and the police car was hit by shoot.

[Social News]     2019-08-13
In the northwest of Melbourne, patrol police were attacked in the morning of Tuesday.

In the northwest of Melbourne, patrol police were attacked in the morning of Tuesday.

In the early hours of Tuesday, patrol officers were horribly attacked in northwest Melbourne, the Daily Mail reported.

It is reported that around 03:15 on Tuesday, a police officer on patrol in (Sunbury), about 42 kilometers from Melbourne`s CBD, was attacked. Someone was heading for the police car, shoot.

At a McDonald`s in the vicinity of the assavault policeman`s runway, the armed mob followed, and the other side fired a number of guns towards the police car. Then there was a silver car to crash the police car and finally get out of the scene.

The police officers, who came to support, searched the involved vehicles and provided assistance to the attack officers. Three men and one woman, as well as three of the McDonald`s, were safely running out of the fast-food restaurant.

A McDonald’s employee said on the social platform fb that in a place very close to the store, someone went to a passing police car shoot. People hid and closed the store. Gunman didn`t try to enter the car park.

Gart (Wayne Gatt), secretary of the Police Association, said he believed the assault police officers were met because the uniforms they were wearing were targeted, and the incident showed an increase in the number of violence incidents against the police.

A 33-year-old homeless man, a 26-year-old and a 18-year-old, were reportedly arrested by police arrestt and is assisting the police in conducting investigations. They were used to use a shogun in the shoot, and the police said the target was still missing.

Police appeal to witnesses to the incident or people with further information to call the fight against crime hotline 1800 333 or visit the website report.

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