Warning again! you must not bring tobacco illegally into Australia after July 1. Violators will be repatriated immediately and will not be allowed to enter the country for three years.

[Social News]     2019-07-17
Two days ago, the media exposed famous actor Sun Honglei smoking at a restaurant in Beijing, and then Sun Honglei immediately apologized to Weibo, saying it had caused a bad demonstration.

Two days ago, the media exposed famous actor Sun Honglei smoking at a restaurant in Beijing, and then Sun Honglei immediately apologized to Weibo, saying it had caused a bad demonstration.

Wang Yuan, a member of TFboys earlier this year, was also commented by many netizens because of the exposure of smoking pictures at dinner.

In fact, many star smoking pictures have been exposed by the media, such as Angelababy, Zheng Shuang, Chen Jon and so on.

In recent years, with the publicity of smoking and secondhand smoke, people are extremely resistant to smoking in public places. China has the largest number of smokers in the world, with 27.7 percent of smokers, according to WHO data. Of the five-eye alliance countries, Australia and the UK had the lowest proportion of smokers, at 15.1 per cent.

From the world`s data, Australia’s control of tobacco has been successful, since smoking and second-hand tobacco cause serious social health problems, the proportion of Australian smoking population has been the lowest in the world.

Control of tobacco in Australia has always been very high. It`s not just about being in health and social morality. On the other hand, many immigrants in Australia, such as China, India, South America and other countries, have a great demand for tobacco, which has caused many people to bring tobacco into Australia from outside Australia, and even breed tobacco smuggling industries. This is unbearable by Australian customs.

In May, the Australian Border Service issued the latest tobacco rules, starting July 1 this year, tobacco is listed as a contraband (prohibited imports) goods, if you want to import, you must first obtain a license from the government.

Tourists, on the other hand, can carry a pack of unopened cigarettes (25 packs or 25g weight) and a pack of unsealed cigarettes, according to the specifications of Chinese tobacco, that is, up to one pack of unsealed cigarettes (20 cigarettes) and one pack of unsealed cigarettes, that is, 40 cigarettes.

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful to bring cigarettes into Australia now. It is best to ask the relevant people before making the right decision.

Two days ago, program Border Security-Australia's Front Line, the famous television network of Australia`s No. 7 television network, reported a case in the latest issue of program. The whole process was eye-popping: Melbourne Airport, Australia, ushered in a group of tourists from China as usual.

However, the tour guide encountered marijuana annoyance because he found a large number of cigarettes from the tour guide bag, but the tour guide chose "No" on the column marked "tobacco" on the entry card.

Then the guide was asked to do an in-depth investigation without surprise.

The stunned 18 tourists had to be handled by other guides.

The guide explained: she does not declare tobacco just to "do not pay taxes". At the same time, she confessed to the Border Guard: she doesn`t know if there is a company running in the back, but there are tour guides who don`t know each other with tobacco. .

In the end, the Border Guard decided that the woman, under the cover of a tour guide, was immediately repatriated, followed the next plane back to China and entered the blacklist, and was not allowed to enter Australia for three years.

In May, eight Chinese tourists at Melbourne Airport were cancelled by detain for trying to bring 177000 undeclared cigarettes into the country.

Also in Melbourne last June, six Chinese citizen were caught by the Australian Border Service on suspicion of cigarette smuggling.

The one-year operation has detected 94 people carrying illegal cigarettes to Australia via Melbourne Airport, confiscating 2.7 million smuggled cigarettes, worth more than$1.9 million. After a court trial, they will be deported.

In fact, before the beginning of 2017, many people used their personal capacity or tour groups to carry out cigarette smuggling. According to the Daily Telecom, tour guides use work to smuggle cigarettes, and Australia`s "black market cigarettes" are filled with cigarettes from Asian countries, including Chinese brands such as Yunyan and Yuxi.

The Border Guard reported that smuggling gane often uses tour guides or tourist status to carry cigarettes, and even uses tourists from tour groups to help carry cigarettes. But carrying passenger luggage is easy to get dirty on the spot, so smugglers think of courier parcels. At least not caught on the spot.

In September 2017, a Chinese-American man in Strathfield, Sydney, was arrested on suspicion of using state mail parcels to smuggle cigarettes.

The man was targeted by the Border Guard for receiving seven parcels in a short period of time. The Border Service found that each of the international mail parcels sent to the man`s address contained 1 carton of cigarettes. Border guards raided more than 750 cigarettes believed to be illegally smuggled. Only a carton of 200 cigarettes has paid a tax of about 150 yuan. The estimated tax and consumption tax on cigarettes seized exceeded A $112000.

In addition to e-mail, smuggling groups use children`s toys and other goods as cover for transporting smuggled tobacco. A Chinese smuggling gane was destroyed by the Border Guard last year.

According to the federal government, the illegal trade in licit drugs is becoming as profitable as cocaine, with risks accounting for only a small part of it and has lost millions of Australian dollars in taxes.

According to a list of tips shared by Australian border forces, New South Wales, Victoria and the Federal Police Department, there are reported to be more than 60 stores selling illegal "black smoke" in the western suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, as well as in other central areas of Griffith, Balarit and Bendigo.

Since there are such objective profits, people are constantly taking risks. In addition to the captured Chinese smugglers, TW and Malaysian smugglers were also involved in the illegal activity.

In June last year, the Australian Border Service and the TW Customs Service jointly seized more than 20 million illegal cigarettes to be sent to Australia.

Earlier, a Malaysian smuggling syndicate was cracked on suspicion of smuggling more than 6 million cigarettes into Australia. The group hid the smuggling smoke in a pile of complex material covers.

The two organizers were then arrested as they tried to escape from Australia. The two organizers pleaded guilty to a Melbourne court and face a five-year prison sentence without parole for three years. The border guard said the men would be repatriated when they came out of prison.

In Australia, tobacco smuggling is a big crime, accompanied by tax evasion charges, once arrested, will face up to 10 years in prison, as well as a five-fold fine for tax evasion. After serving his sentence, he will then be deported. It will be difficult for those with a bad record to enter the country again.

In fact, Australia`s regulation of tobacco smuggling is already very strict, but why do so many people go on and on. The reason is that cigarette smuggling profits are too high for you to imagine, not just exchange rates. In order to ban smoking, Australia`s government has made great efforts to regulate tobacco prices in addition to legislation. Tobacco prices have soared 340% in the 20 years since 1996

The demand for cigarettes by immigrants from all over the world always stimulates the cigarette smuggling industry.

But for the health of yourself and others, the maintenance of a good environment, and the peace of mind to live in Australia, please do not risk carrying undeclared excess tobacco, and do not "kindly" help others carry it, so as not to regret it for the rest of your life!

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