Australian graduates ranked first in income ranking with regional academic degree at the top of the list.

[Education News]     2019-10-08
Australian University graduates rank first in income of regional universities (online pictures)

Australian University graduates rank first in income of regional universities (online pictures)

According to statistics, Darwin`s (Charles Darwin University) graduates earn 10% more than other college graduates, salary. This seems to reflect that Australia`s regional college graduates earn the highest income in the country.

According to the Australian newspaper, graduates of Northern Territory universities earn A $80100 a year three years after completing academic degree, surpassing the median full-time salary of some of Australia`s other most respected cities, according to a new national survey of graduates.

The University of New South Wales (University Of NSW) ranked second, with a median graduate salary of A $80, 000, followed by central University in Queensland, (Central Queensland University), New England University (University Of New England) and Charles Sturt University (Charles Sturt University).

Successive income ranked as follows: the University of Sydney (A $77,300), the Australian National University (A $77200) and Monash University (A $72,500), while the University of Melbourne had the lowest median medium-term salary of A $68,900.

The average income of all college graduates is A $73,000.

More than 90 percent of college graduates work full-time three years after graduation, according to a longitudinal survey of 2019 graduates released Sunday by educational minister Tehan (Dan Tehan).

While Mr. Tehan was pleased with the findings, he also stressed the importance of a new performance-based financing model for federal government, which would give universities an additional A $80 million in financing, which is closely linked to graduate employment results.

"We can`t be comfortable with the status quo," Khan said. "it`s important that our universities continue to focus on cultivating the graduates they need for economic development."

"if we do the right thing and increase it from 9/10 to 9.5/10 (graduate employment), then it will bring huge productivity wealth to our economic."

The survey also showed that the gender pay gap persisted in many areas, with male graduates earning more than women in 13 of the 20 areas of work.

In architecture, men earn A $12,900, or 17 per cent, three years after graduation. The income gap between agriculture and environmental research is 10%. In addition, male nursing graduates earn 9% more than women.

In addition, three years after graduation, more male graduates than female graduates are employed in management positions.

Maddox (Simon Maddocks), president of (Charles Darwin University) at Charles Darwin University, expressed joy at the strong outlook for his graduates.

He said the college`s coverage is expanding, with 70 percent of students studying online across Australia.

"We are particularly good at educating people who cannot attend classes on campus, work full-time or have family responsibilities," Professor Maddox said. "this is usually the case for people living in rural and remote areas."

"obviously, our graduates are in a very good position to finish their studies and quickly make an important contribution to the local economic."


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