Australia's new crown rose to 27,279 cases, the overall epidemic is still stable

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[Social News]     12 Oct 2020
Premier Morrison's visit to the University of Queensland vaccine Laboratory showed a slight recovery in the Australian crown, The cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 27, 279 cases, death was 897, But the epidemic is on the whole stable, Weizhou, the worst-hit area of the second wave, is still ready to relax further. From all over the country, Victoria's diagnosis increased to 20 per cent,...
Australia's new crown rose to 27,279 cases, the overall epidemic is still stable

Premier Morrison visits the University of Queensland vaccine Laboratory

Australia's new crown epidemic slightly rebounded, confirmed cases rose to 27279 cases, the death remained at 897 cases, but the epidemic is still steady in general, the second wave of serious disaster area Weizhou is still ready to further relax.

From all over the country, Victoria's diagnosis increased to 20 per cent, 296 cases, death is still 810 cases. The number of confirmed cases in the new state increased to 4277, death was 53 cases. In Queensland ,1161 cases were confirmed, death 6 example. 694 cases diagnosed in Western Australia, death 9 example. 475 cases diagnosed in South Australia, death 4 example. Tazhou diagnosed 230 cases, death 13 example. 113 cases diagnosed in the capital territory, death 3 example. Thirty-three cases were diagnosed in the North Territory, For the time being, there are no death cases.

Fifteen new weekends in Victoria will announce further unseals

The number of new Coronavirus infections reported today rose to 15, bringing the average daily confirmed cases in Melbourne's metropolitan area over the past 14 days to 9.9 today from 9.3 yesterday, while the average for township areas over the past 14 days is still 0.3, but there are no new death cases in Victoria.

Governor Andrews (Daniel Andrews) said 10 of the newly detected cases were linked to previously published family group cases and known cases.

Recently ,11 mysterious new cases with unknown source of infection have been detected.

The number of active cases in Vizhou increased to 191, of which 5 were in township areas. At present ,21 new crown pneumonia patients in the state are treated in hospitals, no one in the re-diagnosis care unit.

According to the state government plan, Melbourne's metropolitan area should move towards the third stage of redevelopment, with an average of 5 cases, or even lower, of 14 days of infection, with less than 5 mysterious cases of unknown origin.

Andrews still hinted today that Melbourne residents would be more free on October 19, but warned that the pace of easing might not be as fast as hoped.

Despite a slight rebound in the past 14 days, he said a popular decision would be made next Sunday.

"As long as we continue to see a trend that does not have a large number of other mysterious cases and we continue to see this trend throughout the rest of the week, we will announce further easing on Sunday ," he said. "

But while Andrews said community life restrictions would be open on weekends, he stressed that it would not allow the reopening of non-essential stores for the time being. This statement further exacerbated the strong dissatisfaction of the business community.

Another senior official resigned as a result of an investigation into the severe neglect of the hotel separation system in Vizhou hearings, which led to a second outbreak. Andrews' chief of staff, governor and cabinet chief of staff, Chris Eccles, also announced his resignation today, following the resignation of health director Mikakos (Jenny Mikakos) last month. He said he couldn't remember talking to the police commissioner about the security arrangements for the isolated hotel, but admitted today that the phone records showed that he had spoken to the police commissioner at 1:17 p.m. on March 17. And on this day, the state government decided that private security companies would be responsible for the security supervision of hotel isolation.

6 new authorities worries in Xinzhou

A COVID-19 case of local community infection was detected in Xinzhou today, and five new cases were detected from overseas returnees in hotel quarantine.

The six newly diagnosed cases were detected in 7391 tests within 28 hours of the deadline of 8 p.m. on Sunday, well below Saturday's 12,823. The low number of people coming out for virus testing worried the government of the new state.

A state government said in a statement that newly reported cases of local infection on Monday had family contact with one reported on Sunday.

"These cases are related to two other previously reported cases and the source of infection is still under investigation ," the statement said. "

"A recent drop in the number of tests is a concern because it limits our ability to detect COVID-19 infections early and to curb further spread ," it said. "

The health authorities in particular urged people in Sydney's West and Southwest regions to undergo virus tests, even if they had only mild symptoms, such as runny nose or hoarse throat, cough, fever, or other symptoms that might be COVID-19.

Midnight shock bus to Chinese district

On sunday night, the health department warned passengers on a midnight bus from downtown sydney to Strathfield, west sydney's chinese district, which was at leave central station before midnight on october 4th and arrived at the station at midnight on october 5th. All passengers on this bus are now considered to have close contact with a virus carrier.

"All passengers on this bus... are advised to begin immediate COVID-19virus testing and 14 days of self-segregation ," the statement said. Regardless of the test results, passengers on this bus should remain self-segregated for 14 days. "

Meanwhile, new state opposition party leader judy mccay (Jodi McKay) reiterated monday's call for government to force bus passengers to wear masks.

The authorities also issued a new public health alert to shops in south-west sydney as the new state struggled to cope with a rebound in local infections, a growing cluster of infections linked to a hospital in liverpool (Liverpool), and patients who had visited a clinic in recamba (Lakemba) were warned to see if they had COVID-19 symptoms.

Many retail stores in southwest Sydney have issued public health alerts requiring temporary contacts to test and isolate until they get negative results.

People who have been to the following stores at the time, Was considered to have had occasional contact with virus infected persons: on 4 October (between 3 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.), at the Big W store in the Carnes Hill district of Conness Hill, On 4 October (between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.), I visited Adie Supermarket (Aldi) in Amundsen Park (Edmondson Park).

6 October (12.30-1 p.m.), On October 7th (2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) at the Bunnings hardware store in Crossroads district, Or 9 October (3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.) at the Costco supermarket in the Kasoula (Casula) district, And the people at the Chemist Warehouse drugstore in Kasoula, Also considered to be virus infected by accidental contact.

Prime Minister's Inspection vaccine Implementation Office

The Australian government has agreed to purchase the University of Queensland R & D vaccine in addition to the vaccine deal for Oxford R & D in the UK, if the two candidates are successful in phase 3 clinical trials.

Yet during his visit to the university of queensland vaccine laboratory, the building was attacked by fake blood from tomato sauce poured by refugee interests. And they accuse government of cutting the annual intake of humane immigrants in a budget announced last week.

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