​ Victoria's New Crown Spread to Hospital Supermarket Meat Factory and Australia News

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[Social News]     06 Jul 2020
Weizhou is now Coronavirus in the community with three workers diagnosed with infection at melbourne's largest store Coronavirus .( online photos) and today there have been reports of staff from supermarkets, telecom flagship stores, two slaughterhouse and two hospitals. The company's flagship store, Burke Street (BourkeStreet) in downtown Melbourne, TelstraDiscovery closed after three employees c...
​ Victoria's New Crown Spread to Hospital Supermarket Meat Factory and Australia News

Australia News in Melbourne's largest store has three employees diagnosed with infection Coronavirus .( online photo)

Weizhou Coronavirus now spread in the community, today has been reported supermarket, telecommunications company flagship stores, two slaughterhouse and two hospitals staff confirmed.

AUSINESS :3 staff confirmed at the flagship store

The company's flagship store in Melbourne's downtown Burke Street (Bourke Street) Telstra Discovery closed after three employees were confirmed. This is the largest store in Melbourne.

"Our Telstra Discovery store in Burke Street closed Friday afternoon after an employee tested positive for a new crown on Friday ," speaker told The Australian newspaper. Two more employees tested positive over the weekend. "

"The three team members are quarantine, and the rest of the staff they work with are now self-segregated. "

He said the store had been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected over the weekend and had reopened today after deploying staff from other stores.

slaughterhouse : 2 slaughterhouse were confirmed

JBS meatworks in brooklyn (Brooklyn) and Pacific Meats in thomas (Thomastown) Thomastown), both workers infected Coronavirus, all others will be tested.

The Pacific Meats has now been closed and the new crown outbreak response team of the Department of Health in Virginia will go to JBS field to investigate to determine the action programme.

Hospitals :2 hospitals each confirmed

One medical worker was diagnosed at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (Royal Melbourne Hospital) in Parkville, Parkville. He is a close contact with known cases, but authorities has not disclosed the time of his last job.

At alfred hospital (he Alfred hospital) in melbourne, a medical staff member also tested positive for a new crown. He is believed to have contracted virus. while working in a hospital

Woolworths: Customer Distribution Cente

Woolworths confirmed Monday morning that an employee working at the online order processing center in Melbourne's Inner West District was diagnosed with Coronavirus. infection

The supermarket speaker said :" We were informed by the Department of Health and Human Services of Virginia that one of our team members at the Customer Distribution Centre (CFC) in West Richmond (West) was positive. "

speaker stressed that the distribution center had been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected last night and apologized for the cancellation of the distribution service of the online order this morning.

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