Meet these people on the streets of CBD in Melbourne and run away, favorite to stare at Chinese! Personal experience of Chinese students: there is no way to prevent it!

[Social News]     03 Sep 2019
When the spring comes, more and more people choose to go to the streets when it is no longer cold.However, in the CBD of the capital city of Australia, people find many people in uniform, see all the pedestrians, as long as the clothes are in order, they will go up to the workers.

When the spring comes, more and more people choose to go to the streets when it is no longer cold.

However, in the CBD of the capital city of Australia, people find many people in uniform, see all the pedestrians, as long as the clothes are in order, they will go up to the workers.

After a simple greeting, these people will take out some atlas, which are a group of African children, who are not full of food and clothing, are not warm, and are emaciated and stunted, which can easily arouse sympathy.

When they feel that people seem to feel the same way, they begin to show their identity, making it clear that they come from the xxxx charity, an organization founded in Australia that is determined to help African children or people in poor parts of the world.

Then, they will take out a variety of examples to make you understand how much the people are in poverty-stricken areas, not only the food and the stomach, but also the threat of various diseases, and some even the current medical means can`t resist the hunger...

All of them have a core point, only one, to persuade you to donate money and to offer a love to help those suffering.

But I`m going to tell you today that you can`t be good at this time!

Because, they are so enthusiastic about you only one purpose: to make money!

You`re not listening, they`re not for love, but for the benefit, they have a bottom pay, and the money you`ve got is a commission, a high proportion of the scary, they`re not the public good ambassadors, and not any of the Volunteers...

They have an exclusive name: Chuggers.

The real experience of Chinese students

Take a look at the real experience of this Chinese brother. When he crossed the intersection in city, Sydney, he was stopped by two uniformed beauty sisters.

The little brother said, "They look good, friendly and welcoming."?

The other side said a pile of things, and finally said he wanted to donate to the charity and send a little love to the world.

As a part-time student who can`t be independent of economic, he certainly refuses. After all, unlike tax payers, they pay $39 a week, which can be used to offset taxes.

This fee is a net expense for foreign students!

The other side stepped up the offensive, "only a little more than a knife a week, you can even save a lot of people in dire straits!" but the little brother firmly refused to each other: now that there is not enough money, we will talk about it later.

But the other side is not so easy to stop. "then you register a name first, and then you want to donate it before you hand it in." it`s not easy for my brother to refuse, so he signed it and asked the other party to write down his bank card number. The other side said he would not deduct the money, so he believed it.


At the end of the month, the account information was checked, and it was automatically deducted for $39! And will continue every month!

Agreed not to deduct money! Why are you withholding it again?

Apparently, it`s in the pit.

As we thought it was just a case, a number of Chinese friends shared their experiences on the web:

@ Emily: has experienced it first-hand, and they are also very good at withholding money. Just know your card number, name, expiration date, as long as you sign, your card will be automatically deducted every week. The point is, even if you change your new card, as long as you still use the same bank account, you will still automatically deduct money. It`s a bunch of dog skin ointment!

@ Tong: now that these liars have been promoted, they met some so-called charities that recruit Chinese students to be fundraisers in universities. The beautiful name is called: social practice. Compatriots, don`t be deceived!

@ JackSun: really needs to take care of it! Those who mainly say hello to you and ask you to write down your credit card number to donate money are all vampire.

I can`t help but ask, why do these people get it all the time?

According to expose, an in - office employee who worked as a "chugger," fund raisers have to go through professional training and learn all sorts of flirty routines to make people love.

The charity employee also revealed that his company has branches in almost all Australian cities and has a detailed staffing structure.

At the bottom is what we call street passionate fundraisers who use a iPad to register donor information, that is, their performance.

Above them is the team leader, responsible for the overall management of the work of the team, the deployment of personnel.

The group leader is the department manager, usually responsible for communicating with the organization, coordinating the task objectives, and reporting on the local donation. Once you have a look at them or respond to their hello, then you`re done.

By touting them, they made countless passers-by think they had made a great contribution to the world`s philanthropy, but they did not know that the donors had fallen into the trap of preparing the fund-raisers.

The fund-raising is not the same as China`s. It`s not just a donation, but a week-to-week package price, from 20 to 200 Australian dollars a week.

One-time consumption and long-term consumption.

Fundraisers will draw from it for a long time, and most people have no idea that a sum of money will flow into the pockets of this group of people every month in salary. It can be said that this group of people are cheating money everywhere under the guise of charity, vampire.

Even the Australian media can`t help but come forward and expose the true face of these people!

It is reported that fundraiser (Chuggers) kickback can get 60% of your donation amount, those charity executives with hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars an annual salary, or sitting in the decorated luxury office, travel is first class plus five-star hotel, more shocking is, because it is a "charity", they do not have to pay tax on these income!?

All of this comes from your good-heart contributions, and very few of the money you really use for charity.

Australian media have also revealed another appalling set of figures: Australia has A $95 billion a month in donations, more than 90 billion of which will be spent on so-called salary expenses and management costs.

And donating only A $4.5 billion to people in need, it turns out that most of the time you donate every dollar,

More than 80 per cent of them are used for institutional operations, with the remaining less than 20 per cent going to recipients.

The Chinese have become the main target of Australian natives are now being cheated, almost no donations.

An Australian net friend wrote in a Facebook page: ""Anyone who is tired of these aggressive charities in the street, they`ll find ways to force you to `not refuse`, and I find that their means are not only disquieting, but I also doubt its legitimacy."


Now, these professional charities have targeted the Chinese people who "people are stupid and have a lot of money" in their eyes!

Especially-Foreign students! English is not good, people are simple, do not know how to refuse, afraid of trouble!

Even the different charities, in order to rob the "business", have also had a corner of the mouth, conflict.

One netizen who went to school in Melbourne said that because of the large number of Chinese people in CBD, a crossroads, all sides are advised to donate money, and even you have to meet two groups of people when you get to school.

Each will advise you to say, only 20 knives a week, donate not to lose, donate to the heart.

Now all charity organizations train their staff, learn some Chinese, and boast of how loving the Chinese people are and how strong China is.

That means, you see, so many Chinese have donated, and if you don`t donate, you`ll be humiliating the Chinese.

Moral kidnapping has a set of things. It`s not...

Many Chinese are in the way of love, can only sign the words in the donation agreement, and finally the money is divided by them all by the head!

Although the behavior of a charity has been exposed, many people have asked them to be unable to appear in the public area and to reduce the number of charities, but there is no use, and these people are still everywhere.

It is true to participate in public charity, but the real love of public welfare is revealed from the heart, voluntary to do, and should not be forced. Besides, is the money raised really used for the public good?


After all, these perverts take advantage of our kindness and gain personal gain. But you know what? It only makes you lose money, but in many times you may lose your precious life because of your kindness!

We should be kind, but there must be a bottom line!

In May 2016, Li Yanjie, a Chinese student in Germany, ran home alone.

On the way, Li Yangjie met a German woman of the same age, and she eagerly asked Li Yangjie for help

"can you go to my house and help me with a box? I can`t carry it alone."

The good-hearted Li Yanjie`s instinct was her, and she entered her home with her.

But Li Yangjie did not know that the German girl had an extremely freak boyfriend

It was her boyfriend who forced her to go out and find an Asian girl to come back to rape for fun.

As soon as Li Yangjie entered the door, she was covered in her mouth and controlled by a German girl`s boyfriend, and then she was brutally rape and beaten many times.

As a result of fierce resistance, Li Yangjie was beaten to skin and flesh, broken neck, spine, limbs, serious facial, head and body injuries, and eventually died of torture.

Some people say that if Li Yangjie refused to enter the German woman`s home to carry the box, he might have escaped the robbery.

But there is no if in the world.

The goodness is not wrong, and the wrong is the evil that is magnified in the human nature.

In this case, you can not be kind!

More than overseas, a news in the country last week was also very painful: Yang in the Hunyuan County of the Shanxi Datong was driving home, and the 17-year-old girl on the road was walking alone, and his heart was in the heart of his heart.

So he had a problem with the car brakes, and he cheated the girl in the car.

Then, in a car, he was bound to control the girl with an adhesive tape paper to kill her, to avoid the culpability, and even to dissect the body and to burn it.

This is outrageous!

The hell is empty, the devil is in the world. The person`s heart is not so, if someone really asks for help, you can tell him to ask the police for help, and test the reaction of the other party.

Once you feel that the situation is not good, you must find a way to get out in time, and then call the police, do not act rashly! In this case, you can be less kind! Be kind, but not stupid

If you`re weak and the strong side needs your help, then there`s something else.

Please keep your kindness at this time!

(netizens share their real experiences)

When the other person proposes to let you into the closed space, please do not have to be kind

As Mr. Li is very effective, the misfortunes of the lead are due to the acceptance of other people`s help and in the closed space with strangers. This is very dangerous. In public places, many of the bad people do not dare to use it, but when you take you to the enclosed space, everything is in the room. So, when there`s a stranger to ask you to come to his house or to help in the store, please reject him.

For lazy people who seek help for a long time, do not have to be kind

I`ve heard a joke before:

A man gives a dollar to the beggar at home every day from work. Half a year later, he suddenly doesn`t want to give it. As he passes through the beggar, the beggar scolds him.

There is a kind of person in the world who is particularly lazy, and when you help him for the first time, he will gradually take your kind help for granted. One day, when you suddenly decide not to help him, he will forget all the kindness you have given him in the past, but hate you at this time not to help you.

Life is in critical condition, please do not have to be kind

When natural and man-made disasters occur, please first save your life. We should evacuate the dangerous area as soon as possible and then notify the paramedics to rescue the people trapped in the disaster. Sometimes you rush into the rescue site regardless of your care, which will bring more trouble to the rescue.

The good and good of this world is worthy of our commitment, but your kindness must be based on the protection of yourself, your kindness, and the need to bring a little bit of power.

There are a lot of good people in the world, but the bad guys are no different.

In some cases, I prefer you not to be kind!

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