Melbourne Chinese female students fell to death and were revealed to have been raped by their boyfriends

[Social News]     2019-08-13
He Jiaqi (before he left) released a photo with her boyfriend on Time line before he died. (right) she fell to death last Thursday and her body was co...

He Jiaqi (before he left) released a photo with her boyfriend on Time line before he died. (right) she fell to death last Thursday and her body was covered with white cloth. (network Pictures)

A female student from Heilongjiang at the University of Melbourne, Australia, died on the 28th floor of a residential building in the local business district on Thursday, Hong Kong media reported. Although Victorian police said on Sunday that the incident was not suspicious, the deceased`s sister-in-law insisted that the girl had a sunny personality and that it was impossible to live lightly. The sister-in-law was also sceptical about the boyfriend of the foreign student, claiming that the man had a strong desire for control and had used violence against the dead.

The woman who fell to death was 22-year-old he Jiaqi, a first-year graduate student in the Department of Finance at the University of Melbourne. Her family has arrived in Australia from China to recover. Local Chinese media reported that the boyfriend of the deceased was at the scene, he admitted that he Jiaqi fell into the building before the two had quarreled, but he stressed that he had tried to stop her from jumping, but the incident backfired.

However, when he Jiaqi`s surnamed sister-in-law was interviewed later, she questioned the testimony of he Jiaqi`s boyfriend. She said he Jiaqi was beautiful, optimistic and positive, and was more prepared to continue his doctorate academic degree. Plus the two just contacted last Wednesday, when he Jiaqi`s attitude towards peace was the same, so "she can`t commit suicide."

Hou`s sister-in-law also criticized he Jiaqi`s boyfriend during the interview, saying that he was more than 1.8 meters tall and he Jiaqi weighed about 60 kilograms, saying that if he tried his best to stop him, he Jiaqi would not fall from the 28th floor. She also pointed out that the man had a strong desire to control, "often pestering Xiao he," saying that he could make countless calls to he Jiaqi in half an hour, and that if he did not reply, he would "threaten to die." She also quoted he Jiaqi as saying that her boyfriend often coerced her into sending her photo at social app Time line, in which he sent the same photo with her boyfriend on their Time line the day before he died.

Hou`s sister-in-law later accused he Jiaqi`s boyfriend of treating his girlfriend violence, "scuffing together" and "dragging her hair to the ground." she said he Jiaqi felt that it was a shameful thing, so she rarely talked to her friends, and because the boyfriend had cut off contact with many friends, but he had repeatedly insulted he Jiaqi as "a bitch, and a hundred times harder to listen to." "she hopes that the man will be able to publicly account for the death of he Jiaqi.

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