Exposure! 8 young gangs, African Americans raged Melbourne after 00! Parents: because children can't find a jo

[Social News]     09 Sep 2019
Last week, Melbourne lost its title again on the 2019 list of the world`s most livable cities.The main reason is security.

Last week, Melbourne lost its title again on the 2019 list of the world`s most livable cities.

The main reason is security.

According to the latest statistics released by the crime Bureau of Statistics, the number of recorded crimes in Melbourne is the highest in nearly 15 years.

In June, the crime data Bureau of Statistics (Crime Statistics Agency) report showed that although the reporting rate remained unchanged, the number of reported cases rose 0.5 percent in the past 12 months, with the police handling 178731 criminals, the highest number on record, although the total number of victims was the lowest since records began in 2004.

The data also show that while youth crime rates remain stable, the number of women under the age of 19 accused of committing crimes has risen by nearly 9 percent. Eight young gangs have ravaged Melbourne.

According to Australian media statistics, Melbourne has eight young mafia gangs, mainly active in the southeast, involved in criminal activities, including robbery and, fight, theft.

A large proportion of these violence gane are teenagers, many after 00, or even 14 years old.

The biggest feature of the younger generation of post-00 mafia members is that they like to use social media

They`re on social media, live broadcast fight.

Bask in your own weapons.

Even put out new ads for gangs!

A 15-year-old boy said he spent nearly a year with several gangs until he was jailed for stealing cars. The teenager said he was not afraid when stealing luxury cars. He liked the friendship and excitement. But because he was a gang member, his family was in trouble. "I won`t let my family be affected by these things because the gang has caused a lot of trouble, and some people have been in front of my house during the day and at night," he said. "most people are involved because they like the feeling of being accepted, and it`s fun until I go to jail."

Gangs provide young people with an escape from reality and a sense of excitement they can`t find in their daily lives, says associate professor James Roffee, a Criminology expert. "these members may lack goals in life, face uncomfortable families, and recruit on social media, and it`s hard for them to resist these temptation," said associate professor Roffee.

The young gangs have also targeted foreign students: in june, some students at monash university said they had been intimidated by gane, as well as chinese students.

The robbers usually target lone passers-by, and the police received 13 reports of robberies in 18 days.

Gang parents: it`s government`s fault that there aren`t enough jobs. The avant-garde Sun reported that an 18-year-old was jailed for fight and other accusation. The boy`s mother expressed her heartache and dissatisfaction with government: "it all started with the employment center, where he met the wrong people. These teenagers don`t have enough jobs, and our government system has completely failed."

She said the gangs had been threatening her for months, smashing her window and threat her. On the nearby street of Cranbourne, another family told how they "lived in fear" after a group of armed teenagers attacked their address last month. "Melbourne has a serious gang problem, and now things are out of control and without action, the situation will get worse."

At present, the Victoria police are taking action. 396 gang members face nearly 1000 accusation items, the youngest of whom is only 12 years old. "We have achieved some very positively results," the police said. "but we know there is still a lot of work to be done. We are committed to solving juvenile-related crimes, especially robberies, crimes that disrupt public order and car theft related to serious crimes.

The police will actively monitor social media to help prevent and detect crime. "

Governor Daniel Andrews, who has vowed that Victoria has no gang problems, also said:

"Victoria is in a gang fight, and I can`t give you any advice. All we can do is give the Victorian police full support because they have discovered the root cause of the matter."

Gang information exposed and members repatriated

Some of these young gangs have been exposed, including:

HP(Hampton Park)Boys

An expanding gang, consisting mainly of aborigines and Afghans, has 200 members.

Next Gen Shooters(NGS)

HP Boys is a dead end, mainly made up of African Americans. They are the ones who like to get fight webcasts, weapons.

Young Reckless Drillaz(YRD)

New members are being recruited across Melbourne with Instagram.

Many people know that the notorious gang Apex Gang (is mainly of Sudanese origin), which made a lot of noise in Melbourne the last two years.

In the past three years, more than 300 overseas-born mafia elements have been repatriated and are not allowed to return to Australia in various forms.

Including members of Apex Gang!

Thousands of foreign criminals will be deported under the new law on visa cancellation and repatriation. It is reported that nearly 4000 foreign criminals have been deported in the past four years. According to the Daily Mail, according to the current law, non-citizen will not be revoked until they are convicted of a serious crime and sentenced to 12 months in prison. But the new law becomes any foreigner who is guilty of a crime and sentenced to two years or more in prison, and whose visa will be revoked even if he does not end up in prison. And the new law applies to all crimes, including children, who are in prison for less than 12 months. The crimes involved include the sexual crime, family violence, violations of injunctions, carjacking, trespassing and possession of dangerous weapons.

Melbourne`s "social stability" ranking is declining year by year, if you want to return to the top of the "world`s most livable city," the issue of security is an unavoidable topic.

As an international metropolis, Melbourne`s security problems are concerned by the world.

Melbourne tumbled five places to 10th in the latest safe cities ranking released by the economics last month.

With regard to how to protect itself in Melbourne, the Consulate General of China in Melbourne has also issued a guide on how to protect ourselves:

When you take the subway after 7: 00 in the evening, try to sit in the first car. So that more people can see you;

When walking home or to work, don`t listen to headphones while walking so as not to be distracted. Bad guys always attack unprepared people;

If someone is following you all the time, please be vigilant and pay attention to observation. In this case, try to distance as far as possible;

If a group of people come at you, walk across the street or turn around.

If you hear anything about race, please keep a high degree of vigilance. Don`t stimulate relationship, try to avoid it;

When walking on the road alone, don`t call while walking.

Make sure that the emergency call "000" is set to speed dial;

If you feel dangerous, shout or call for help;

Many Chinese work late, especially works in shopping malls and restaurants, should be extra careful when working at night, it is best to have friends to accompany the pick-up;

When walking at night, it is better to go around the long road, but also to choose the road with better light and traffic as far as possible.

If you see or personally encounter an attack, please report it in a timely manner (many of these cases are rarely reported).

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