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Northern Territory

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Australia - Northern Territory
Population unknown


Northern Territory (Northern Territory, abbreviated as: NT) directly under the Australian Federal Government, is one of Australia's two inland territories, located in the north-central Australian mainland, the capital city of Darwin.

Northern Territory is sparsely populated, accounting for about 20 percent of Australia's total area and only about two hundred and thirty thousand people in the Territory (2012). The northern Alafra Sea is zigzag and low along the coast, the north-east is the Buckley Plateau, the central and western regions are plain grasslands, the southern part is mountainous and desert areas, and the southwestern dry salt lake. Northern Territory is about 4/5 in the tropics. Northern Territory is the birthplace of the ancient indigenous culture, and the northern Arnhem land is reserved for the indigenous people.

Northern Territory is one of the main tourist attractions known for its natural landscape and cultural characteristics and is proud of its famous "red earth center" and the world's largest single rock, Ayers Rock (Uluru). The economy is mainly animal husbandry, mining, tourism and government services. The United States has an air base in Northern Territory, Australia.


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