From China to Australia move which domestic logistics is more reliable?


Delivery of international sea freight professional engaged in Guangzhou, China, door-to-door shipping furniture door-to-door to Australia to receive the address, our shipping line Shuangqing door-to-door delivery, Shuangqing refers to China's export declaration and Australian import clearance. Goods whether bulk cargo transport or the whole container transport delivery logistics can provide a long-like freight services can be done without personal worry, bulk goods need to send the goods to our Guangzhou warehouse loading, so that we can arrange the Guangzhou shipping furniture door to the designated address of the consignee in Australia, if the whole container can be loaded in any city in China.

Safe and simple household handling process:

1. consultation: consultation confirmation of shipping costs, warehouse address and shipping marks

2. delivery to warehouse: delivery to Guangzhou warehouse according to address and shipping mark provided

3. notification of shipment: confirmation of arrival and notification of shipment

4. delivery: We will arrange a series of operations, such as loading, customs declaration, sea transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection tax payment

5. provide the list of goods: we provide a sample list, you can fill in the cargo information and consignee information

6. delivery: After the goods arrive at port, we will arrange for the goods to be unpacked and delivered to the doo

Time limit for moving, shipping to door:

Bulk cargo: fixed weekly Tuesday open, Friday open; from loading period about 23-25 days to the door;

The whole cabinet: according to the actual situation of the goods, arrange the fast shipping schedule, usually open the big ship on Tuesday, about 23 days from loading the cabinet to the door.

Bulk container shipping to door service:

1. provide china guangzhou sea furniture door-to-door to australia, weekly cabinets, fixed shipping schedule, fully ensure the shipping time.

2. Guangzhou warehouse, personnel management ,24-hour personnel supervision, comprehensive guarantee of goods safety ,30 days free warehouse rental period, sufficient stock time.

3. provide one-stop service, as long as you hand over the goods to us, just provide packing list and order list, export declaration from China to Australia door-to-door, the whole process processing, so that you no longer worry about transportation.

4. provide the goods into the warehouse timely inquiry, guests can check through the background goods into the warehouse details of the time and the number of pieces

Transport Moving Tips:

1. bulk cargo is not in guangzhou suggested to send to our guangzhou warehouse lcl export transport, other domestic port lcl shipping costs are high and export reporting procedures trouble, to provide more information. Guangzhou export declaration only need to provide detailed cargo information, consignee information, cargo list can.

2. fragile goods and valuables are packed in wooden frames or wooden cases

3. goods and packaging have solid wood, need to do fumigation insecticidal treatment, and remember not to bark, mildew, worm eyes and other situations

4. Ban on the transport of all powder, liquids, inflammable and explosive materials, animals, plants, fresh food and other goods prohibited by transport associations

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